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For the longest, I was on the hunt for the cutest and perfect bag featuring Grogu aka,- The Child. He is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. It took me a trip to Disney World last month to find it. The bag I found is the Star Wars Loungefly Backpack featuring Grogu. This bag is by far the cutest bag I have ever seen, featuring the cute little loveable creature from The Mandalorian. I would say it is the cutest bag in the galaxy!

Star Wars Loungefly Backpack Featuring Grogu
How could I say no to his precious face!

Details of Star Wars Loungefly Backpack Featuring Grogu

Let’s dive into the details of this bag so you can see why I think it’s the cutest bag in the galaxy! 

Outside Details

The whole look of this bag is replicating Grogu being carried in Din Djarin’s (aka Mando) satchel as he is peaking out. So adorable!! They included the metal buckles and decorative pieces that you see in the original satchel from the show. 

Grogu is made out of simulated leather and sewn onto the bag. This applique of Grogu gives the bag some depth. It reminds me a little of my Beast Loungefly

Star Wars Loungefly Backpack Featuring Grogu with Beast Loungefly

Grogu’s ears move to allow them to be in different positions. It reminds me of how Eeyore’s one ear and tail in my Eeyore Cosplay Mini Backpack. This is by far my favorite feature of the bag. You can get so many different looks with this feature.

A Khaki color canvas material and brown leather (simulated) make up the majority of this bag. Canvas material around the front and the leather material on the back, padded straps, top carry handle, and around the main zipper compartment.

There is one front zipper pocket along with the main zipper compartment. In the corner, on the front zipper pocket, is the Star Wars Loungefly metal plate logo. 

This Loungefly backpack is a little taller than my Loungefly mini backpacks. I can easily fit my iPad, while the mini ones I can not. The only exception is my Belle Cosplay Loungefly. It too can hold my iPad.

Another thing I notice about this Loungefly Backpack to my Loungefly Mini Backpacks is the shape. This Grogu Backpack has a square/rectangle shape, while most mini backpacks are dome-shaped(the top). Again the exception with my Belle Loungefly Mini Backpack.

Inside Details

The inside details of this bag are just as adorable as the outside. The inside features a liner with a brown background (the same color as the simulated leather). Throughout the liner, you see Grogu, a Bantha, and a Sorgan. The Bantha is the hairy mammal creature with horns, while the Sorgan is a blue frog-like creature(Grogu’s favorite snack.) The liner is in both the front pocket and the main compartment. 

Where did I buy this backpack?

I bought this backpack at the World of Disney Store in Disney Springs. I purchased it the same time as I bought the 50th Anniversary merchandise. I did see it at other stores throughout Disney World.

I love this Loungefly bag, and I am happy that it is part of my growing Loungefly collection. This bag also goes well with my other Grogu merchandise.

Star Wars Loungefly Backpack Featuring Grogu with some of my other Grogu merchandise.
Just some of my other Grogu merchandise with the Star Wars Loungefly Backpack Featuring Grogu.

This bag helps me achieve the “Spirit of the Castle” feeling when I am not at Disney, along with my other Loungefly products.

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