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I always had a thing for bags since I was little. They are my favorite accessory. The newest bag to join my Loungefly collection is the Eeyore Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack. I could not pass up how adorable this bag looks! Also, I have to have a Loungefly of my favorite Winnie the Pooh character. This bag definitely lets Eeyore shine and have his spotlight. 

Where Did I Purchase the Eeyore Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack?

I purchased this bag from Park Bench Threads. It retails at $75. Starting today, August 12th at 12 PM EST, it will be available for purchase on Loungefly’s website along with the matching wallet.


This bag measures 8 inches W, 10 inches H, and 3.625 inches D.


The whole look of this mini backpack displays Eeyore sitting with his back and iconic tail with the bow towards the front and him looking over his shoulder. It’s such an innocent and cute look. It sold me! How can you not say no to this adorable little face? I love how Loungefly included his little feet on each side. 

Eeyore’s tail with faux fur and one ear pivots, giving the bag some movement. This is my first bag from Loungefly to have this type of movement. They, however, do not move on their own. 

The mini backpacks from Loungefly usually have two side pockets. This bag does not. However, they make it up with a sizeable front zipper pocket along with the main zipper compartment. 

Side view of Eeyore Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack

On the back is a scene of clouds and a little Eeyore with his back towards us. Underneath Eeyore is the saying, “Thanks for Noticing Me.” 

This bag does have adjustable padded straps and a top handle. The majority of the bag is made with faux leather.  


The adorableness does not end on the outside. It is carried on thru to the inside. The liner is the same light blue as the outside of the bag, with Eeyore posing in different positions. Just like my Belle Cosplay Loungefly, there is an interior zipper pocket. 

This backpack definitely lets Eeyore get noticed. It has movement and different textures, making this bag one of a kind! Loungefly really nailed this one. If you are an Eeyore lover like me, this mini backpack is for you!