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 If you see me on a Disney Vacation, you will likely see me using a Disney Loungefly.

If you are not familiar with Loungefly, it is a brand that makes character-inspired accessories like purses, mini backpacks, wallets, wristlets, and more.  They have a wide range of Pop Culture characters they feature on their products. When I say wide range, I mean wide range! Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and so much more! 

Where can you purchase Disney Loungefly?

Gift shops throughout Disney, the World of Disney Store, and shopDisney sells Loungefly. Also, they are available at Hot Topic and BoxLunch. You can even buy from Loungefly themselves! I have also seen small online shops sell them too.

There are also available on Amazon. Read my blog post, about my favorite Marvel Loungefly Bags & Wallets I found on Amazon.

Also, check out/shop my Loungefly Finds on my Amazon Storefront. I also created a Harry Potter Loungefly List on my Amazon Storefront.

Amazon also has some Loungefly Exclusives, click here to see them.

Metal Logo Plate vs Sewn-On Patch

I noticed one thing about the Loungefly, the higher-end options are the ones with the metal logo plate. Please keep that in mind when looking at Loungefly. The ones with metal logo plates tend to cost a little more, but you are getting more frills for the price. They tend to have a printed fabric lining on the inside, padded straps, and the zipper pull will have the name Loungefly.

In some designs, one of the zipper pulls is a charm that goes with the bag’s theme.

The Loungeflys with the sewn-on patch tend to not have a printed lining on the inside, no padded straps, and regular zipper pulls. 

All the ones from Disney Parks/Destinations and shopDisney will have the metal logo plate. When the metal plate says “Disney Parks Loungefly,” it means exclusively made to be sold at the Disney Parks/shopDisney.

Let’s Dive into My Collection of Disney Loungefly

In my growing collection of Loungefly, I have mini backpacks(metal logo plates) and two wristlets. I have a couple more on my way!

Mini backpacks

The mini backpacks are the main bag I take on my Disney vacations! When I travel, I like to be hands-free, and these bags do the trick. I throw it on my back and go on my way. It is just the right size to fit all of my needs. Plenty of space! Most mini backpacks from Loungfly have two side pockets, a double zipper main compartment, one outside zipper pocket, and a top carry handle. My Rose Gold Loungefly is the only one out of my collection that has an inside slip pocket. The mini backpacks are typically around 10 ½ inches in height, 9 inches in width, and 4 ½ inches in depth. The adjustable padded straps add a sense of comfort when carrying, and they are sturdy and hold up. 


Another Loungefly product I have in my collection is their wristlets, which retail around $40. I like the wristlets because they are versatile. For example, the strap allows you to use it as a normal wristlet, and on the back, there is a belt loop where you can wear it like a fanny pack. The strap is detachable. Most of the wristlets have an outside zipper pocket similar to the mini backpacks. (My Ewok Wristlet does not). These wristlets may be smaller (between 6 ½ inches to 7 ½ inches in height)than the mini backpacks, but they can hold a lot. For instance, I can fit my card wallet, my iPhone (12 Pro Max) with the case on, keys, chapstick, and a mask.

Details of Disney Loungefly

With Lougnefly, you are getting the similar details that Disney is known for having! From the fuzzy fur on the Ewok, Genie’s 3D facial features (ears and eyebrows) along with the lamp as the zipper pull, the added touch of Minnie’s ears on the backpacks/wristlets, and the suit of Santa Mickey (leather belt, velvet suit with the fur trim).

Loungefly does not skimp on the details. 

 The details carry over to the inside. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Loungefly bags/wristlets with the metal logo plates have a printed design liner. The liner of the bags and wristlets go with the theme of the bags/wristlet.

If you currently do not have a Loungefly or are on the fence about getting one, please consider getting one. I am totally obsessed with all of my Loungefly! The details and the quality that Loungefly put into their products, I believe, are truly worth it. Items from Loungefly are a perfect way to add more of that “Spirit of the Castle” in your life!