Spirit of the Castle is a personal blog. I spotlight my finds, favorites, and purchases in Disney/Disney-inspired merchandise, food/treats, fashion, and travel, along with some of my recommendations and tips.

Whether near or far from Disney, I aim to help spread what I like to call the “Spirit of the Castle”.

You may ask yourself, “What do you mean by the Spirit of the Castle?”

One of the most iconic symbols people think of when they hear the word Disney is the castle.
The castle is one of the centerpieces that revolves around Disney. In my eyes, it is the heart of Disney. Disney uses the castle in the opening credits of Disney films/tv shows. It is the main focal point of the parks, and the logo on Disney Parks’ merchandise and shopping bags.

Whenever I see the castle or see/use/do/wear anything Disney, I feel a sense of pride, joy, happiness, and delight that I want to share with the world. This feeling is what I call the “Spirit of the Castle!” So you can say it is like having school spirit but for Disney.

Picture from my Disney World Trip in January Trip 2022

It is not just limited to Disney. You can also have it with Universal/Harry Potter with the Hogwarts Castle. Which I will spotlight on Universal/Harry Potter too!

Picture from my Universal Trip in May 2017.

Whether it is for Disney or Universal, it is my hope with this blog to help spread this “Spirit of the Castle” feeling!

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