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If you had read my post about Disney World’s 50th Merchandise, I was not excepting to see it on my most recent trip to Disney. I took it as a sign that I needed to snag up some goodies. The best thing is all the 50th Anniversary Merchandise from Disney that I purchased retailed at under $25!

50th Anniversary Youth Leggings featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If you read my post on Disney leggings, then you know they are one of my favorite apparel items to purchase.
On this trip, I did that with these youth leggings. Sadly, I did not see any 50th Anniversary leggings for adults. Luckily I can wear/fit into a youth size.

These youth leggings have some different qualities than my adult leggings from Disney. The first is they do not have a wide waistband. Next is how they feel. These leggings have more cotton feel to them while the adult has a smooth buttery feel. These leggings retailed at $24.99.

50th Anniversary Celebration Mug with Mickey and Friends

Another favorite piece of merch I love to get from Disney is their mugs. So I had to get a 50th Anniversary Mug.
The mug I purchased features Mickey and his friends- Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip n Dale. The details in this mug are incredible!

I am in love with the color. It is like a metallic blue. It has a little bit of 3D element with the Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip n Dale are slightly popping off the mug. Behind them, you see icons from all four parks and other characters associated with Disney World. Each time I look at I spot another character or icon I didn’t see before. Definitely, I got my money worths with the details packed into this mug. Mug retailed at $14.99. This mug is not dishware or microwave safe.

50th Anniversary Mickey Plush Backpack Clip

This cute little backpack clip is Mickey in his 50th Anniversary Celebration outfit. Even though small, they did not miss the details of his suit. They even included his little bow tie! How cute!This backpack clip retail at $14.99.

50th Anniversary Trading Pin

Another souvenir I tend to purchase on Disney trips is trading pins. Disney offered a variety of 50th Anniversary Pins to choose from. I went with this one featuring Mickey and Minnie standing in front of the castle. This pin retailed at $12.99.

50th Anniversary Writing Pen

This writing pen features Mickey and his friends. Unlike the mug, it includes Daisy Duck. I simply love the Mickey Shaped topper. The retail price was $7.99.

50th Anniversary Lenticular Postcard

This postcard features the one and only Mickey Mouse showing his 50th outfit. Postcard retailed at $3.49.

50th Anniversary Reusable Shopping Bags

I love purchasing shopping bags from Disney. So when I saw that they had ones for the 50th, I knew I had to get them. There are 3 sizes to choose from, and each size has a different design. Small was $2, Medium was $2.50, and Large was $3.

Please note that most 50th Anniversary Merchandise will be available to purchase from shopDisney on October 1st.