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Oops! I did it again! I purchased another Loungefly, but I could not pass this one up! It is the exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack. I am a huge fan of the Mandalorian himself. His official name is Din Djarin but also goes by Mando. Also, I have a Grogu Loungefly, so I need to add one of the Mando himself to my collection!

Details of The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

The details of this mini backpack make it slick in style, mysterious, and sexy as Din Djarin himself. 


The backpack looks like Din’s helmet, and it is made with simulated leather. It is a gorgeous shiny/metallic silver color, just like his armor. There are some appliques to give it some depth. 

The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

The details do not end there. On the front of the bag on the left side, you will see the skull of a Mudhorn signet. It is the same signet that Din Djarin receives on his new armor in Season 1 of the Dinsey Plus tv series- The Mandalorian

The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

On the right pocket is the symbol of Mythosaur. The universal symbol of The Mandalorian. 

The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

On the back in the corner is Din Djarin’s clan motto- THIS IS THE WAY. I like that it is a bold print. It is a bold statement that is said throughout the show. I can hear him say it in his deep yet calming/soothing voice as I am writing. If you can’t tell, I may have a slight crush on Mando/Din Djarin. Well more, like the person who plays him. That is Pedro Pascal. Click here to see a Tiktok video I did revealing my celebrity crush.

The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

These symbols found on this backpack are embossed into the fabric. 

Like with most of the mini backpacks from Loungefly, this one has a front zipper pocket, two side pockets, the main compartment, Star Wars Loungefly metal logo plaque, black padded straps, and a top handle. The zipper pulls say Loungefly and are a silver color. They match the silver zippers. 


Like most Loungeflys, this one features a liner. The liner has a black background with the words STAR WARS all over the liner in white. It is simple yet makes an impact. I love a black-and-white color combo. 

The Exclusive Mandalorian Loungefly Mini Backpack

Also inside is an interior zipper pocket. 


This mini backpack is about W- 9″ X H- 10.5″ X D-4.5.”

Where did I purchase it? 

I purchased this mini backpack from Grotto Treasures. It was one of their exclusives and only had 1500 available. It sold out a few days after I placed my order. I got lucky there.

Grotto Treasures does have some other exclusives available, along with some other fun Disney merchandise. I purchased a Figpin of Gambit for my Hubby. 

No words can describe how excited I am to use this Mandalorian Cosplay Mini Backpack My Gaston Loungefly needs to watch out! I think this is my sexiest bag yet!

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