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This past week I got a little sneak peek of one of my Christmas presents from my parents. It is the new Disney’s Aladdin Collection from Scentsy. This collection revolves around my favorite Disney character, Genie! My wish came true because I have been waiting for Scentsy to release products starring Genie!

Pieces in Disney Aladdin Collection from Scentsy 

Aladdin: Three Wishes Scentsy Bar- $6.50

 If smell-o-vision was a thing when watching films, Genie would most definitely smell like this scent. This Scentsy bar has a prominent smell of fresh blueberries, not an artificial smell. Undertones scents include sugared plums, blackberries, and sparkling cranberry to top it off. This scent smells delicious and divine. It is going to be one of my new favorite scents.

Disney Genie: Scentsy Buddy with Disney Aladdin: Scentsy Scent Pak -$45

A Scentsy Buddy is their version of a plush toy, but with one unique feature. The unique feature is that their buddies can be scented using their Scentsy Scent Pak.

A Scentsy Scent Pak is like a scented bean bag that is inserted into the buddy. Every buddy comes with a pre-selected Scentsy Scent Pak. The pre-selected Scent Pak that with this collection is the Three Wishes Scentsy Scent Pak. It smells the same as the Three Wishes Scentsy Bar. You can buy the Scentsy Scent Pak individually for $7.50. 

Scentsy Pak
Features of Genie Scentsy Buddy

The Scentsy Buddy in this collection features Genie as the plush. On the back of Genie is the zipper compartment where you put the ScentPak. Attached to his hip is his golden lamp. The lamp is a bonus compartment, which you typically do not see in the Scentsy Buddies. Typically buddies only have one. I would say that Genie used his phenomenal cosmic powers to gives us this extra surprise! 

The Genie Scentsy Buddy displays all of Genie’s physical characteristics and his signature outfit. Scentsy did not leave anything out.

He is about 16 inches tall. A good size plush and perfect for cuddling.

The fabric used on the majority of Genie is soft and velvety. His red belt has ridges to give some texture to the buddy without but being rough. Smooth “pleather-like” material makes his gold bracelets and hairpiece. This is the same material as the lamp. A stiff-like felt makes his one gold earring.

His facial features are embroidered except for his pupils. His pupils are glossy plastic.

Embroidered on one of his feet is the name “Scentsy.” This is a standard feature you see in all of their buddies. It reminds me of how Andy and Bonnie from Toy Story put their names on Woody, Buzz, and the other toys. 

Scentsy nailed this collection, and I love everything about it! It is perfection! I never had a Buddy like him!