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One thing about going to Disney World, especially during the warmer months, is finding ways to stay cool yet still participate in the magic. One way to do that is the Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is fun, interactive, and great for all ages.

What is The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

The Animation Experience is where you learn how to draw some iconic Disney Characters. It is an indoor experience, so a great way to take a break from Florida’s heat.

Please note – Wearing masks were required indoors at Disney when my hubby and I went in September. Please check with Disney for updated information on their COVID protocols. 

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom

A Disney Animator will guide you through the process. You do not need to be artistic to do this. The way they teach/guide was easy to follow. I am not an artist, and my pieces turn out decent. My hubby, who majored in art in college, found the experience to be knowledgeable and enjoyable.

When we went(mid-end of Sept), all the characters they were teaching everyone to draw were Disney Villains. Please note what characters they feature changes. So these times in the two photos below may not reflect what is happening at the park when you go.

What Materials are Provided?

The materials provided include drawing paper, a pencil, and a clipboard. . When my hubby and I went, they gave out coloring sheets and crayons for the younger ones. Our drawing papers had the starting base of the drawing already on them. Each looked different for each character.

How Long is Each Session?

Each session lasts roughly about 25-30 minutes and is for one drawing. You can participate in multiple sessions. My hubby and I did back-to-back sessions. We just had to go back to the entrance. On Disney’s official webpage about this activity, they list the times available for each day.

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom - The times for Sept. 20th, 2021.
These were the times of the sessions for Sept. 20th, 2021.

What Occurs in Session?

At the start of the session, the animator introduces themselves to the group. Before they start teaching, you will watch a short clip(roughly 2-3 minutes long). They are multiple big-screen TVs so everyone can see. The clip shows you the nature inspiration of an animal that lives at the parks of that Disney character featured in the session.

After the clip, the animator will go over you the steps. They will be drawing at the stand that is upfront. As they are teaching/drawing, it is cast the TVs. So you can easily see what they are drawing. They go at a decent pace and are very encouraging through the process. Our animator also talked a little about some of Disney’s most famous animators, like Mary Blair. So you get a little bit of history lesson along with the art lesson.

Once done, the animator will instruct you on what to do with the extra supplies and where to exit. Note- you do not get to keep the clipboard you used in the session.


This experience does not cost anything extra. It is included with a valid park ticket and park reservation.

Where is it located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom
The signage you will see on the way to the train station.

The Conservation Station is located over in Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You will need to take the Wildlife Express to get over there. The Wildlife Express is at the Hambre Train Station. We did see some wildlife on our train ride.

Please make sure you allow enough time to get over there before the session. Once you get over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch area, you will follow the path and signs to head towards the Conversation Station. Do not worry! Rafiki’s will guide you through the way.

My hubby and I enjoyed this activity. We love that it was free and knowledgeable. Also, that it was an indoor activity and allowed us to take a little break from being outside.

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom
My drawings are the top two, and my hubby’s are the bottom two.

The next time you are in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I suggest checking out this experience. Especially if you want a free souvenir to take home.