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If you could tell based on some of my past blog posts, I am a big fan of Beauty and the Beast. It is no coincidence that my favorite villain is Gaston. The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack is the perfect bag I have ever seen featuring this determined hunter.

Oh, it’s so cute!!

The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Details of Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

I am blown away by the details in this specific bag. This bag is bold and confident, like Gaston himself.


This bright red backpack features a mixture of appliques, embroidered, and vinyl details similar to my Beast and Eeyore Loungefly. The look of this bag replicates Gaston’s iconic outfit/look.

I love the vinyl accents in his hair to show off the shine.

The top half of Gaston’s face, along with his shiny black hair, ponytail included( both appliques), is on the main compartment of this bag.

His embroidered eyebrows are on point. They definitely add personality to the bag, along with his piercing blue eyes (vinyl). I could gaze into them all day!

The pocket on the front features appliques of Gaston’s collar shirt along with Gaston’s brown belt along with the strap from his quiver. They even added the detail of a single chest hair(vinyl). It is just slightly poking out.

On the back is an image of his quiver with a few bows.

The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

Like most bags from Loungefly, the dominant material used to make is bag is simulated leather. This backpack also features two side pockets, golden zippers, gold Loungefly zipper pulls, a top handle, black padded straps, and a metal logo plate.

Measurements of this backpack are roughly 9 inches in width, 10.5 inches in height, and 4 inches in depth.


The liner in this backpack is an all-over print of Gaston showing off his muscular physique. He has plenty of biceps to spare! It is done in a classic black and white cream color.

The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

When I was looking inside the backpack, I was happy to see an interior zipper pocket. Which gives this bag a total of 5 pockets/compartments (2 sides,1 front, 1 main, and 1interior. ) You can never have too many pockets in a bag!

The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

Where did I purchase this Loungefly?

I purchased this exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack from World 1-1 Games (authorized Loungefly seller.) They do sell other types of fandom merchandise like Harry Potter and Hello Kitty, to name a few. 

As a Gaston fan, I rarely find any merch featuring him. When they announced that they were selling this exclusive bag, I knew I had to make it mine.

The Exclusive Gaston Loungefly Mini Backpack

Loungefly did a superb job on this exclusive! They truly captured the essence and personality of Gaston. With each Loungefly I add to my collection, I get more and more impressed with the quality of details they put into their bags. I am excited to see what Loungefly is coming out with next!