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I got a surprised look at my birthday present from my hubby. The only way I got to see it was because of my blog. My hubby got me the Amazon Exclusive Princess Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack.

I was so excited! I had been giving him hints for the longest! Sadly, I cannot use it until my actual birthday, but at least I can share the details with you!

Details of Princess Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack

Another extraordinary bag from the amazing Loungelfy. Their bags are works of art. They never disappoint me, and I am always blown away by their work. Click here to see some of my Loungefly I had featured on this blog.


This backpack features Princess Jasmine’s face peeking over the front pocket, similar to my Gaston Loungefly. Embroidered on her beautiful and alluring brown eyes along with her eyebrows. Her hair and headpieces are appliques.

Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack

There is a blue gem like a jewel in her headband, just like she wears. Sadly, not a real gem, but still a nice touch. It gives some more depth to the backpack with a sense of elegance.  

Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack

The colors featured in this backpack are definitely breathtaking! The primary color is a gorgeous teal-like color is how I would describe it. Accent colors include some light blue mint and golden yellow. The golden yellow against the teal color gives the backpack more of a pop! It is a dazzling combo!

This bag has a main zipper pocket, a front pocket, and 2 side pockets.

The front pocket looks like the top part of Jasmine’s signature outfit and is done with sewn-on appliques.

Raja(Jasmine’s pet tiger) makes an appearance as a gold zipper pull on the front pocket. The other zipper pulls are regular Loungefly ones. 

On the back, embroidered, are the words- It’s all so magical. It is done in a golden yellow color thread.

Like with most Loungefly mini backpacks, this one has padded adjustable straps, a top handle, and a metal logo plate. It is made with faux leather.


The liner is an aqua mint color background with an all-over print of a portrait of Jasmine holding a flower in a teal-like color. The design of the liner is definitely has a regal feel to it. It is stunning!

Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack


This backpack measures roughly 10″ X 9″ X 5”. 

Available to Purchase 

This backpack is only available to purchase as an exclusive on Amazon. If you are interested in buying this Loungefly, click here. (As of July 2023, still available to purchase)

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Loungefly nailed the look of this backpack. It is radiant! Jasmine’s character shines through. I could not be more pleased with the details and quality they put into this backpack! It is going to be “A Whole New World” with this backpack in my collection.

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Princess Jasmine Loungefly with my Jasmine Pillow and Aladdin Blanket