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When I was on my way to pick up an online order at my local Kohl’s, I spotted the Kohl’s Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets for this season. There were too cute not to share! They also will make an excellent gift for this holiday season. 

Details of the Kohl’s Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

Each set comes with a mini book and a plush of a character featured in the book.

The price listed at my Kohl’s was $9. I think it is a fantastic deal.

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets Price

Not only do you get the plush and a mini-book, but Kohl’s also donates 100% of the proceeds to charity. How awesome is that?!?! Learn more about Kohl’s Cares Cause program here on their website.

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

The size of the plush and book in the set is ideal for traveling and storage. 

They had different Holiday sets/characters to pick from, including Disney ones to classic holiday characters.

Mickey Mouse Holiday Book Plush Set

Mickey Mouse, in this set, is wearing a Santa hat with his signature red bottoms and a red scarf. The book in this set is Mickey’s Snowy Christmas. 

Minnie Mouse Holiday Book Plush Set

You cannot have Mickey without Minnie! She is wearing a pink dress with purple accents along with a Santa Hat. The book paired with Minnie is Minnie Saves Christmas.

Santa Claus Holiday Book Plush Set

I love how charming Santa looks in this set. My favorite detail is his glasses that are embroidered on. Of course, he is wearing his signature red suit and hat. He is paired with the book The Night Before Christmas. This is a classic story to read on Christmas eve. 

Frosty the Snowman Book Plush Set

This plush book bundle features the original Frosty the Snowman from the 1969 animated film –The Frosty Snowman

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

Snoopy Book Plush Set

Another popular franchise, especially during the holiday season, is the Peanuts (Charlie Brown). This set features Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy. He is wearing a blue and green stocking cap with his red collar. The book paired with Snoopy is A Charlie Brown Christmas. 

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

Grinch Book Plush Set

This one is my favorite out of the sets. It features the Grinch in his bright green fur. It is paired with my personal favorite holiday story, How the Grinch Stoles Christmas. 

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

I ended up purchasing this one. I love Disney, but I also love the Grinch, especially around the holiday season. There was no way I could not pass it up. I plan to read the book to my furbabies, niece, and nephew. The plush will be used as part of my holiday decor.

Kohl’s Cares Causes Selection of Holiday Books

If you are just looking for holiday books, Kohl’s does have some in which you only get the book for $5.

Kohl's Cares Holiday Book Plush Sets

These Book and Plush Sets from Kohl’s will make great holiday gifts for the little ones or anyone who is a fan of the characters/stories (like me). The best thing is that you will also be giving back when you purchase Kohl’s Care Merchandise.

Availability may vary between Kohls’.