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 This week I received my Stitch Crashes Disney Aladdin Plush from the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection Series. I have been anxiously waiting for this plush when Disney first released the different films featured in this series. When I saw the design of the Stitch Aladdin Plush, it solidified my decision that I had to have it.

Stitch Aladdin Plush and me.

Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney films. Combining it with one of my favorite Disney characters, it was like getting 2 for 1. 

Before I go into the details of the Stitch Aladdin Plush, let me do a brief overview of the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection.

   What is the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection Series?

Stitch Crashes Disney Collection Series is a limited edition collection that features Stitch ( the loveable and mischievous alien from the film Lilo and Stitch) in a print design based on some of Disney’s classic animated films. The idea for this collection series came from the Lilo and Stitch film trailers, where Stitch crashes into different scenes of Disney movies. 

Incorporating a fan-favorite Disney character with some of their popular/classic animated films makes pieces in this collection series a hot commodity, in which they sell out quickly. I mean quickly! I feel lucky that I got Stitch Aladdin Plush. 

 A new design/theme is released monthly from this collection. In total, there will be 12 in the series. Here is a list of the designs/themes from the past months and what is soon to come. 

January- Beauty and the Beast (Really wanted this one but missed the opportunity to get this)

February- Lady and the Tramp

March- The Lion King

April- The Little Mermaid 

May- Pinocchio 

June- Aladdin

July- Sleeping Beauty (just released the design)

August- Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

September- The Jungle Book

October- Pochochos 

November- Peter Pan

December- Mulan

August- December designs will be released roughly a month before they are available to purchase. Disney releases them in the parks and shopDisney for people to buy. 

What pieces are available in the Collection Series?

Pieces in the monthly series will include a Stitch plush ($29.99), Magic Band($39.99), trading pin($24.99), a coffee mug ($16.95), and a t-shirt($19.95). The Stitch plush and the Magic Band are the most sought out after pieces. Then comes the trading pin. However, the coffee mugs and t-shirts are still available for all of the released designs. 

A Closer Look at the Stitch Crashes Disney Aladdin Plush

The background of the main fabric is a deep blue color with some purple tones to it, which reminds me of the color scheme of the Cave of Wonders in the film. Then you see swirls of pink clouds along with Genie’s gold lamp. 

The secondary fabric is a tad bit lighter blue color than the main fabric, which features the lamp and some swirly designs. To top it off is Stitch wearing Abu’s little hat. 

You will see a patch, which identifies which number of the series it belongs to on one of his feet.  This plush is 6 out of 12 in the series.

Foot of Stitch Aladdin Plush

If you want to get one of the future designs from this series, I highly suggest watching out for the release date when they will be available to purchase online. On their online release day, they will be available for purchase at 7 AM Pacific Time which is 10 AM Eastern time. They do not typically announce when they are going to be available in the parks.