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Whenever I am on a Disney vacation, wearing ears is definitely a requirement. They make my Disney vacation feel complete. Wearing the ears from Disney makes you seem like you are part of the magic and helping to spread that “Spirit of the Castle.”

I wear ears at every point of my Disney vacation. In fact, I wear them at the parks, the cruise ships, in restaurants, and shops at Disney. I also wear them when I am out and about around the Orlando area. The best part is that they can add that finishing touch to your outfit to help make it more magical!

Disney Ears
Disney Bounding at “Free Genie” went to Caribbean Beach Resort

 Disney offers a wide assortment of ears to choose from. They have neutral ears to go with multiple outfits (which is the route I tend to take to get more use out of them) and to ones that are specific characters (which I have a few)! 

There are headband options -regular headbands to ones with an adjustable headband.  Hats and baseball caps options as well, which is the perfect option if wearing headbands give you headaches. The selections are endless. Ears are the perfect accessory for all ages and your fur babies.

They can be found in shops throughout the properties of Disney and online at shopDisney. 

Like the mugs, The World of Disney Stores has a designated area dedicated to ears. 

World of Disney Assortment of Headband Ears with some Mouseketeer Hats.


   The pricing of ears varies depending on the type you get, The majority of the ear headbands(regular) tend to be around $29.99, while the adjustable ear headbands are $24.99. The baseball caps with ears start at $27.99 for adults and $24.99 for youth. The hats with ears, like the Mouseketeer hats, start at $17.99.

UPDATE – The staring price for the headband ears is $34.99 and goes up from there.

 Disney comes out with ears for the different seasons, celebrations, and holidays. They have all sorts of colors. 

Here are some of my Ears from Disney.

As you can see, I cannot just have one (Anything Disney, I cannot just have one of- leggings, mugs, Loungefly). 

Ears are a perfect way to extend the magic of your Disney vacation. They can help take your outfit, whether Disney-specific or not, to the next level! When planning your next Disney trip, do not forget to get some ears to help add that extra magic to your vacation!

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