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On my first day of any Disney World trip, I always go to Disney Springs for lunch. When I was there in September 2021, I decided to try The Slider Trio from The Polite Pig. Let me tell you that was a delicious decision.

What is The Polite Pig?

The Polite Pig is a quick-service restaurant that serves barbeque with a modern flair. It is located in Disney Springs, across from the store, Uniqlo. It is near the escalators for the Lime Parking garage.

They have a variety of barbeque dishes from sandwiches, meat platters, and sides. Their menu has so many great options to choose from.

They also serve craft beers, and they have a bar where you can order mixed drinks. The selection of craft beers and mixed drinks was vast.

This restaurant has its own Sauce Bar. That right, a Sauce Bar!

Polite Pig Sauce Bar

Four sauces were available to choose from; Lil John’s Signature Porter Sauce, Layla’s Sweet Sauce, Thomas’s Southern Gold, & BBQ Ranch. Also on the sauce bar were the typical condiments of ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce.

Details of The Slider Trio

With the variety of options on their menu, it was hard to choose. I ended up ordering the Slider Trio because I got 3 different sandwiches(mini) in one dish. 

The Slider Trio from The Polite Pig

 It features 3 of their main sandwiches in a slider version- Low & Slow Brisket, Fried Chicken, and Southern Pig. It was a good sampling of the 3 sandwiches.

Low & Slow Brisket Slider

This slider features sliced brisket served with pimento cheese and a Porter sauce. There were also some pickled jalapenos to give this slider a nice little kick of heat along with crispy onions straws for some crunch.

SLider Trio from Polite Pig- Low & Slow Brisket Slider

This slider was my favorite out of the three. It had an excellent balance of flavors and textures. I thought the sauce was savory and enhanced the tender brisket. I would definitely get this in their regular-size sandwich version.

Fried Chicken Slider

This slider came with a crispy chicken tender covered in a sweet sauce. The sauce had a tad bit of smokey flavor, which helped make the sauce not too sweet. It was a perfect balance.
Coleslaw, pickles, and mayo were also on this slider.

The Slider Trio from The Polite Pig- Fried Chicken

I found the chicken to be juicy, and it was a decent size. The chicken was hanging over the bun. This was my second favorite out of the sliders. However, the sauce on the chicken was my favorite sauce out of the three sliders.

Southern Pig Slider

This slider featured pulled pork tossed in their tangy mustard BBQ sauce. It was topped with an apple fennel slaw. I found the slaw to give this slider some freshness. Mayo was also served with this slider.

The Slider Trio from The Polite Pig- Southern Pig Slider

This was my least favorite because I am not a huge pulled pork fan. However, if I had to pick a pulled pork to eat again, I would choose this one. I found the pulled pork to be flavorful, tender, and juicy.

The Slider Trio from The Polite Pig was super filling and tasty. I could hardly eat dinner that night. The proportions of meat to bread were spot on! The slider trio is something I would most definitely order again.

If you like BBQ food and are in Disney Springs, I highly recommend trying The Polite Pig.

Signage and Entrance near the Lime Parking Garage