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I cannot hold my excitement in as I bring a little spark of a spotlight to one of my newest Loungefly- the Disney Parks Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack. I have been dreaming of a cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack to come out of Figment. Loungefly and Disney made my dreams come true with this bag!

Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Details of the Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

The details of this Figment Loungefly make it shine. This Loungefly is based on Figment from the classic Epcot ride, Journey into Imagination.


One of the unique details of this mini backpack is the material of the bag. The majority of this bag is a gorgeous purple shiny vinyl material which is a first for me. It kinda has an ombre effect with dark and light purple colors. It does not really show well in pictures. Loungeflys are typically mostly made out of simulated leather, but this bag still has some simulated leather details.

Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

Figment’s nose and mouth are printed on the bag in what I consider as a screen print. This bag also features his big yellow eyes, two light orange wings, light orange horns, and his belly. The material used for these features is a simulated leather. The top handle, the adjustable straps, and the bottom of the bag are also in that simulated leather material.

Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

Another unique feature of this Loungefly is Figment’s wings which pivot. So you can have them displayed out or not. This pivot feature reminds me of the pivot features of my Grogu and Eeyore Loungeflys. The wings are on the back with a screen print image of Figment thinking inside some gears. 

Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

This bag features a Disney Parks Loungefly metal plaque located on the front of the bag. The bag also features the typical Loungefly zipper pulls in a gold color.  

There are two side slip pockets along with a front pocket. The front pocket is a hidden style one. This hidden style front pocket is not my favorite style on Loungeflys. I have a few Loungeflys with this style of front pocket. I find them hard to use, the zipper always seems to get stuck when trying to open/close the pocket, and these pockets do not hold as much. However, that didn’t stop me from purchasing this adorable bag. 


The liner features the same image of Figment on the back of the bag with more gears, lightbulbs, and stars on a black background. It is an all-over print style. The colors of the images include purple, light yellow, and light orange. 

Figment Loungefly Mini Backpack

Sadly, there is no inside pocket. I wish there was one to make up for the front hidden pocket.

My Instagram account has a reel of this bag. View it here.


My measurements for this bag are roughly about 12in H, 8in W, and 4in D.


This Walt Disney World Parks Exclusive Loungefly retailed at $88 plus tax. It first debuted in the Epcot and was available on shopDisney on Sept 25th, 2023. There was a restock on shopDisney on Oct 4th, 2023. Like the first release on shopDisney, it sold out. I do not know if there will be a restock in the parks.