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One of my favorite Disney trip accessories is Minnie/Disney ears. My collection over the years has expanded especially since one of my first blog posts. One of my newest ears to join my collection is the Lotso Minnie Ears.

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Details of the Lotso Minnie Ears

These Lotso Minnie Ears are so comfy and cuddling-looking. They kinda have a unique feature from other Minnie/Disney Ears is that they are plush/fluffy. There are only a few ears I have seen that have this similar plush/fluffy detail.

Lotso Minnie Ears

The “ears” part of the Lotso Minnie Ears ears are plush/fluffy and shaped like an outline of a bear’s head with ears done in a light pink. if you are not familiar with Lotso is a teddy bear from Toy Story 3.

The little ears on top have a yellow center. They are so stinking cute!

Lotso Minnie Ears

The bow is a dark pink kinda like magenta color. It is made out of a Sherpa-like fabric is what I would describe it. It is very soft to the touch. The center of the bow features a plush strawberry. A velvet plush-like felt covers the headband part of the ears.

Lotso Minnie Ears

I love how these have that Disney detail yet in an adorable minimal aesthetic that I think is well-liked by everyone.

I do think Disney missed the mark by not making these ears scented like the Lotso Loungefly. These ears do pair nicely with that Loungefly. I just wished that they were scented.

Lotso Minnie Ears with the Loungefly Lotso Crossbody Bag


The price of these when I purchased them was $34.99 which is the starting price for the headband Disney ears. I did get to use my Disney Visa Credit Card Holder discount which is 10% off the price.

Where did I purchase them?

These ears I purchased from one of my favorite shops in Disney Spring- Disney Style. I did see them in the World of Disney Store when I purchased them in May 2024. I do not know their availability due to not being near Walt Disney World.

According to some social media accounts that I follow these ears first appeared in Disneyland around November of last year. I just missed them by a day or so because I had visited Disneyland in November last year. Like the availability at WDW, I’m not sure of the availability of them at Disneyland. 

I have not seen these ears did not show up online on the Disney Store (formally shopDisney) website. I have been watching because I wanted them when I first saw them on social media when they made their first appearance at Disneyland. These ears would have been an automatic purchase for me if they were available online at the Disney Store. Luckily there were they when I was visiting Disney Springs last month.

I am excited to have these ears in my collection and ready to give them lots of love!