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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love pumpkins, the fall colors, and dressing up in costumes. The Disney Halloween Merchandise I spotted in Disney World definitely made me fall in love with Halloween even more. They had it throughout the different shops around Disney. Please note the Halloween merchandise I seen at Disney World was from my Sept 18th- Sept 22nd, 2021 Disney trip.

Disney Halloween Merchandise
Halloween Display in Disney Spring Sept 2021

Home Decor

Mickey Mouse Jack- o’- Lantern Pillow

The first Disney Halloween Merchandise to catch my eye is this pillow. It features black buffalo plaid ears. The black buffalo plaid is the main pattern in Disney Halloween Merchandise this year. 

I simply love the front embroidered details on this Mickey-shaped pumpkin. The pillow details do not end on the front. Embroidered on the back is “Hey Pumpkin!” Sadly, I did not take a picture of the back but click here to see what the back looks like

Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern Candy Bowl

If you like the look of the Mickey Mouse Jack -o’- Lantern Pillow, then this candy bowl is for you. It matches perfectly with the pillow. I love how the opening of the bowl is Bat shaped. On the back, it says, “Trick or Treat.” This pillow is ceramic and is not dishwasher safe. 

Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern Mug

Continuing with the theme of Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lanterns, you can add this adorable mug. It features two Jack-o’-Lanterns on top of each other. The top one is the Mickey-shaped version, while the bottom one is a regular Jack-o’-Lantern. The back of the mug says, “Trick or Treat,” like the candy bowl. I love how the handle is the stems of the pumpkins. Like the candy bowl, this mug is ceramic and not dishwasher safe.  


Mickey Mouse and Friends Halloween 2021 T-Shirt for Adults – Walt Disney World

I simply love a short sleeve Halloween shirt since it is still warm on Halloween where I live. This shirt has Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck dressed up in their Halloween costumes. They are gathering around the same Mickey-shaped Jack-o’-Lantern design in some of the home decor pieces. I love how the bright orange and purple color in this shirt.

Disney Halloween Merchandise

Hey There Pumpkin Ladies Tank

This simple black ladies tank has the wording in vinyl “Hey There Pumpkin” on the front. The “i” in pumpkin is dotted with a tiny Mickey Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern. 

Disney Pet Halloween Costumes 

As a proud dog parent, I love seeing pet costumes, especially Disney ones. Flounder from The Little Mermaid, Sven from Frozen, and Pascal from Tangled were the ones I spotted at Disney WorldI love that these costumes straps around the pets. My doggies prefer these types of costumes since they are more comfortable to wear. Sizing in these costumes runs from XS-XL. Check shopDisney for the size chart to see what size for your pet. 


Disney nuiMOs Halloween Outfits.

If you have a Disney nuiMOs, you can dress them up for Halloween festivities in these cute clothing options.


Mickey Mouse Halloween Balloon Light-Up Ear Headband for Adults

My favorite Halloween ears I spotted at Disney World were these Halloween Mickey Shaped Ballon Ears. My favorite feature of these ears is that they light up! Perfect to wear Trick n Treating! 

Disney Halloween Merchandise


Sanderson Sisters Plushies

Disney Halloween Merchandise

These Sanderson Sisters Plushies are so cute! Love all of their details. Sadly, I only spotted Winifred and Mary while I was at Disney World.

Jack and Sally nuiMOs

Disney Halloween Merchandise

The two newest Disney nuiMOs to join Disney’s nuiMOs collection are Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are perfect for the Halloween season. They come wearing their signature outfit. 

The majority of the Disney Halloween merchandise mentioned in this post is available to purchase on shopDisney. You might find some extra Disney Halloween goodies that I may not saw when I was at Disney World.