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One of the newest attractions to open in Disney World is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. This ride is located in Epcot in the France Pavilion. In honor of this ride, Disney created some new merchandise. One of my favorites is the Wearable Remote Control Buddy.  I love how interactive it is by how it “crawls” all over your while you wear it. Also, it is so adorable!

Which Characters from Ratatouille Come as the Wearable Remote Control Buddy?

One is Remy(grey). The other is his dear friend, Emile (Brown).

My family purchased Emilie since he is our favorite character in the movie, Ratatouille

What is Included with Wearable Remote Control Buddy?

This wearable remote control buddy comes with the buddy (Remy or Emilie), a wedge of cheese remote control (comes with 3 Button Cell Batteries inside the remote control), Mirco USB (the actual buddy is rechargeable), a magnetic disk, and a user manual. I recommend reading the user manual before you start using the toy. The user manual provides information like explaining how the toy works, how to charge/replace batteries, and more.

The Wearable Remote Control Buddy Inspired by Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

The way that they package this toy is so precious. It looks like serving the buddy on a silver platter in a covered dish. Just that extra “Disney Detail” that Disney does.

Once you take the buddy out of the package, you will have to charge it before using it.

Ways to Have Fun With the Remote Control Buddy.

One way to have this toy is by wearing and having it “crawl” on you. To do this, place the magnetic disk underneath your shirt/top. Have the logo side of the magnetic disk is facing downwards, so it will attach properly to the buddy. Next, take the buddy (make sure it is turned on) lay it on top of your shirt/top over where you placed the magnetic disk. The two will attach through the clothing.

Then you will use the cheese wedge remote control to get it to move/”crawl.” There are two buttons on the remote control to press for movement. One button is for moving forward. The second one is for spinning.
Another way is using the buddy to crawl on a flat surface like a floor or table, like a regular remote control toy. You will not need to use the magnetic disk for this option. Just place it on the floor and press a button on the remote control to get it moving.

Always read the user manual for detailed information and how-tos.

Where is it available to purchase?

My family purchased ours at shopDisney. It is also available in Disney World’s Epcot. The retail price my family paid for this toy on shopDisney was $34.99.