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While on my vacations at Disney, I enjoy shopping for souvenirs for family members, friends, and myself. The mugs at Disney World are a go-to Souvenir I tend to purchase. Most souvenir mugs tend to be overlooked and generic items. Clearly, this is not the case with the ones found at Disney. The quality and details that Disney puts into them are just incredible and magical.

 You cannot beat the price! Most mugs start at $14.99! Great for any budget! 
Mugs at Disney World

You can find Disney mugs throughout Disney’s shops and also available at shopDisney. There is a massive assortment that ranges from popular characters/ themes like Mickey Mouse/ Disney Princesses to hard-to-find characters / unique ones like Genie and limited edition ones. There are mugs with lids and some with 3D handles. Some made out of ceramic to ones made out of glass.

The options are endless. 

Most mugs but not all are dishwasher and microwave safe – look for the symbol or read the description if ordering online from shopDisney.
With the wide assortment of mugs to choose from, you can find one for any person in your life. Do not recommend them for younger children due to how fragile they can be.
Most stores/gift shops at Disney have a wall dedicated to their mugs and/or display tables.
The World of Disney Store in Disney Springs display of mugs takes the cake. They have a wall full of them that flows out onto multiple displays before the supply chain issues.

 Mugs at Disney World located at Disney Springs

One thing I love about Disney mugs is that you can make your own collection. Currently, this is what I am trying to do with the Disney Cruise Line Ship mugs. It is my goal to collect one from every Disney Cruise Ship I go on. Right now, I have 1 out of 4( soon to be 1 out of 5 with the Wish debuting in 2022.) In addition, I am also trying to have a collection of mugs for each of my favorite characters.

I use my Disney mugs in multiple different ways since I personally do not drink coffee. One way I use my mugs is using them with other beverages like orange juice and hot chocolate. I also use them with different types of food like soup and ice cream. I even use them as pen holders or decorative pieces around my home.

Let’s take a look at the very first mug I brought from Disney.

This Genie face mug was one of the first mugs I got from Disney. Genie is one of my favorite Disney characters.
A fun feature about this mug is when lined up properly, while drinking out of it, I can look like Genie himself.
This mug has some slight 3d elements, with Genie’s nose and grinning smile slightly popping out. Even the handle has a small detail. The handle has the one gold earring that Genie wears.

Recently, they came out with some new face mugs. Marie from The Arstriocats, Stitch, and Cherish Cat. These mugs are a little smaller than my Genie mug. They have a retail price of $14.99.

These mugs will sure put a smile on your face!