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One perk about staying on Disney property is the different recreational/craft activities offered. Some are free, and some have a cost to do. One that I did with my hubby during our stay was the Mickey Tie Dye Shirt at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. This activity we came upon as we headed to the pool. It was not something we had not planned for, but it was totally worth it.


This activity does cost extra. Looking back at my receipt/room charge, the price I paid was $17. 04 (that with the tax included). You can pay by a card or charge to your room if staying on Disney Property. You cannot beat the price! Most shirts, especially for adults at Disney, tend to be in around the $25 range or higher. 

The cost of the activity will include everything you need to tie dye your shirt. All you have to bring is you and your creative mind!

 My hubby did not want a shirt but still participated with me in tie-dying mine.

Details of the Mickey Tie Dye Shirt Activity

Once we paid, the cast member asked what shirt size I would like. I went with X-Large in Men’s, so I can wear it with leggings. They had options for youth and men. I can’t remember if they had women’s fit or not. 

They do have samples to see how it may turn out. Please note all will turn out the same. That is the beauty of tie-dying. Each one is unique. 

Mickey Tie Dye Shirt
One of their examples

The shirt is already twisted and rolled up in rubber bands with the part of the shirt rubberbanded to make the Mickey shape. Gloves are provided to prevent hands from getting dye on them.

Gloves at the Mickey Tie Dye Shirt Activity

Next, the shirt will be dipped in a pre-wash solution. After this, we got to head over to the tie-dying station. This is where the fun and creative process begins. 

Some of the colors they had available were black, two shades of blue, pink, yellow, purple, and green. We decided to go with 3 colors- orange, denim blue, and black. The colors of my logo and my favorite football teams- Florida Gators and Denver Broncos.  We used the black dye for the Mickey Mouse silhouette, and that is what we dyed first.

Cast members did go over suggestions on which colors not to combine.

After dying the shirt, they saran wrap it and put it in a plastic bag. I love that it makes it easier to travel without ruining anything.

Another pair of gloves are provided, along with the tie-dye washing instructions.

Tie Dye Washing Instructions

They suggest waiting for a few days to 1 week to reveal your shirt. It all depends on the types of colors you use. Once the desired time passed, we placed the shirt in a sink and ran water over it until the water ran clear.
Next, we carefully cut the rubber bands to reveal the shirt. Then, I washed the shirt in the washing machine on the cold water setting. I made sure that it was by itself, so the dye did not get on any other items in the wash. After washing the shirt, I placed it in the dryer. The instructions mention once the shirt is washed and dyed for the first time, it can be washed with other articles of clothing.

Below is the picture of the instructions. One side is in English and the other side in Spanish.

A Look at How My Mickey Tie Dye Shirt Turned Out

As you can see, the color did lose some brightness. My Mickey Mouse silhouette is not perfect, but I like it. It has a tilted forward look which gives some depth. Look closely! There is a hidden Mickey on the back of the shirt, which I think is cool.

Overall Thoughts

My hubby and I both enjoyed this activity. It was fun, easy, and something that we got to do together.
It did not take long to complete. We still had plenty enough time in the day to enjoy the rest of our Disney Vacation. I also like that we got to take home a unique shirt that we created ourselves. Cast members were helpful and added to the enjoyment of the activity.

I highly recommend checking what recreational activities the resorts offer if staying at a Walt Disney Resort Hotel. They are perfect for some extra magical fun on your vacation. These recreational activities do vary between resorts.

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