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I have been trying to get my hands on the popular Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery ever since I saw the TikTok clip from Disney Parks about it. It combines my love for hot chocolate and one of my favorite characters into one special treat! I was lucky enough to purchase it on my Disney World trip in January 2022. 

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Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery
The picture that I took in my room at Pop Century Resort,

What is The Ganachery?

The Ganachery is a little chocolate shop located in Disney Springs. When I first walked in, I smelled the chocolate aroma. Yes, I could still smell it through my mask.

The Ganachery

On the left side of the store, is a window area where you can see the chocolatiers working on some treats. You can purchase artisan s’mores that they make in front of you. How cool is that? 

Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The GanacheryArtisian S'mores

The middle area of the shop had some shelves filled with special chocolate treats for sale. They had Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary/Celebration boxes of chocolate ganache, Chocolate Pearls, and a Mickey Mouse Chocolate Pops along with the Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb when I was shopping in January 2022. 

On the right side of the store is the case of all the little chocolate candies/treats (Ganache)they offer for sale along with the register. You can build your box of chocolates. They had all sorts of flavors.

Below is a picture of the pricing of the pieces of chocolate, the artisan smores, and some beverages options.

Prices in January 2022

Details of the Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb

The Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery

The hot chocolate bomb (Olaf Chocolate Surprise) features a hollow Olaf Shaped milk chocolate. When I opened the box, it came in, the smell of the milk chocolate filled the air. It was pure heaven!

It is filled with their unique hot cocoa mix. In the TikTok video, they mention the mix contains a little bit of milk and dark chocolate along with some caramel. 

No hot chocolate is complete without topping it off with marshmallows. The bomb comes with 6 cubed-shaped homemade marshmallows. 

Marshmallows from The Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery

It was sad to see the adorable Olaf melt when I put him in the warm milk and cream, but he was worth melting. 

Do not worry! Recommended instructions come with the bomb for you to enjoy this chocolate goodness. 

Instructions for The Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery

Before you can enjoy this remarkable hot chocolate bomb, you will need a few extra items. You will need a cup of whole milk and 1 cup of heavy whipping cream. They do recommend using a stovetop to make this hot chocolate.  

Serving size 

This Olaf hot chocolate bomb makes 2 cups.

The Olaf Hot Chocolate Bomb from The Ganachery
Just Look at the Chocolately Goodness!


This is a seasonal item and is usually available in the winter months. It is extremely popular. The cast member/cashier mentioned that it usually sells out by the end of the day. 


It cost me $17 plus tax. (2022)

How Does it Taste?

The love that they put into making this bomb matches the taste. It was a delicious rich explosion of chocolate yet had a bit of decadence. I did not really taste the caramel that the TikTok clip mentioned that was in the mix. I could taste the difference between milk and dark chocolate. It was a perfect balance between those two.

The marshmallows were a little sticky but airy and not too overly sweet. 

This was the best hot chocolate I ever had! It was da bomb! It felt like Olaf was giving me a warm hug while drinking it.

Obviously, I had to use my Olag mug.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I can only have this once in a while, only because of how rich the flavor of chocolate it is. I did take my time sipping on it, so I did not get overwhelmed with chocolate.