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The details that Disney puts into their mugs are truly outstanding! One of my favorites mug collections from Disney that displays Disney’s attention to detail is their Disney Princess Mugs. These mugs were one of the first mugs to catch my eye at the shops on Walt Disney World properties. Disney’s attention to detail in these mugs really shines, making the mugs fit for a true Disney Princess.

At the time, I took the picture below at the World of Disney Store at Disney Springs, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Rapunzel were the only ones available. (Update- I went to World of Disney in Disney Springs in June 2021, and they did not have Rapunzel Mug.) In the past, I have seen Tiana and Aurora mugs. I do not have a picture of them. If you click on the links, you can see what these two look like. These links are not affiliated links.

The front displays a colorful portrait of the princess with their name in bold writing on the back. Underneath the name is a quote that describes the princess.  Here are the quotes that are on each mug.

Ariel’s “Change Your World.”

Aurora’s “Believe in your Dreams.”

Belle’s “Looking for Adventure.”

Jasmine’s “Soar into New Heights.”

Mulan’s ” Live with Honor”

Pocahontas’s” Follow You Own Path”

Rapunzel’s “Reach for the Stars”

Tiana’s “Never Give Up”

The background of the mugs features many details. You will discover outlines of characters/symbols that are associated with the princess. The color of these mugs is bright and vibrant. The best thing about these mugs is that they only cost $14.99. A steal for the amount of detail that is in these mugs. 

A Closer Look into the 2 Disney Princess Mugs I purchased.

I have purchased two mugs from this collection, Belle (for me) and Jasmine (for my sister-in-law). Let’s take a closer look at these mugs. 

 In the background behind Belle, there are the other lovely characters from Beauty and the Beast like Mrs. Potts, Cogswoth, and Lumiere, along with the enchanted mirror and a book.

On the back is her name and the quote “Looking for Adventure.” I love the pop of red inside the mug that reminds me of the Enchanted Rose.

Jasmine’s background has Abu (adorable little monkey), Magic Carpet, Genie’s lamp, peacock feathers, and a flower. On the back with her name, it says, “Soar to New Heights.” 

The color inside her mug is a beautiful jewel-tone teal color.