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The newest Disney’s live-action movie, The Little Mermaid, debuts in theaters on May 26th, 2023. Disney is rolling out merchandise to help promote the film. One of those items is the Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack. This Loungefly is breathtaking and makes me even more ready for the film. Let’s splash into the details of this bag.

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Details of the Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack


Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack

This mini backpack is another masterpiece by Loungefly. The main color is what I would call a deep sea blue with accents (the trimming) in an iridescent aqua blue. Like with most Loungeflys, this bag is made with faux leather. 

The background on the front of the bag features an underwater scene with Ariel and Flounder. Both Ariel and Flounder, along with two sea flowers are sewn on appliques. If you look closer at these appliques, they have a glittery shine to them. Really stunning! 

Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack

The two sea flowers have a pearl-like detail in the center of them.

The scene behind Ariel and Flounder includes a ray of sea plants, tiny fish, seashells, and starfish. Below Ariel, you will see a pinkish telescope. The overall scene is very tropical and makes me feel like I am under the sea! Also on the front is the Loungefly metal logo plate.  

The underwater scenes do not end on the front. Each side pocket features an underwater scene. One side features Sebastian, and the other features Scuttle.

There is a small detailing on the back. It features Prince’s Eric castle, and above the castle are the words- Wonders & Curiosities. In front of the castle is Ariel’s tail. It looks like she went back down into the water with her tail making a splash. 

Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack

This mini backpack features two types of zipper pulls. One is the standard Loungefly zipper pull, and the other is of a dinglehopper. The dinglehopper zipper pull is one of my favorite details of the bag! The zipper hardware is a gold color.

 The bag also features adjustable straps and a top carry. Both are iridescent aqua blue. The iridescent aqua blue really makes the bag pop! They have a glittery shimmer to them! Beautiful!


The lining inside featured in this bag is wondrous! It features an all-over print of underwater scenery with Flounder, and Sebastian found throughout the print. It continues with the theme of the front of the bag!

 Inside you will also find one big slip pocket.


The bag measures about 10.5″ X 9″ X 4.5″. This is pretty much the normal size of their mini backpacks.

Where did I purchase the Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack?

I purchase this mini backpack from one of my favorite places to shop online, Amazon. Click here to purchase from Amazon. 

Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Wallet

With most of their bags, this bag does have a coordinating wallet. The wallet features Ariel holding a dinglehopper. Flounder makes an appearance on the front too. The background is the same underwater scene featured on the mini backpack. There is also a pearl detail that matches the ones featured on the mini backpack. 

Image Credit/Source- Amazon Associate SiteStripe

This wallet seems to have a lot of storage options, which I love! The wallet has 8 card slots. One of the card slots is the clear id card slot. It has slots for cash and a zipper compartment.  Looks to be two slots underneath the card slots holders too.

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I am so excited to have this Live Action Little Mermaid Loungefly Mini Backpack in my collection. I have been wanting a Little Mermaid Loungeflys for a while and I am glad I waited. This Loungefly is a show-stopper!

You would think my collection is complete. Let’s be honest! I am just like Ariel. You can never have too many items in your collection!