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Climb aboard as I share the details of my hubby’s newest toy, the Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set, that he purchased during our latest Walt Disney World trip. 

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

Details of the Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train

In honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, Lionel created a train set to commemorate the celebration. This train set screams Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary! Almost every part of the train has something mentioning it. I am here for it! It is a big celebration! 

With the brand of Lionel, you know you are getting the quality and the details. You are also getting the little Disney details that Disney is known for putting into its products. 

This train is an O-Gauge and is recommended for ages 14 years or older.

Components of the Train Set

In the set, you get the 

  • WDW Main Locomotive Engine with the coal car (tender)
  • 3 WDW Freight Cars
    • Boxcar
    • Chasing Gondola
    • Caboose
  • Track Pieces ( Lionel calls FasTrack)
    • 1 LionelChief Terminal Section
    • 8 Curved Sections 
    • 3 Straight Sections
  • Wolfpack Power Supply
  • LionelChief Remote Control 
  • A bottle of Smoke Fluid with instructions
  • Instruction Manual 

Color Scheme of the Train Set

The colors of the train set include a beautiful sky blue, shades of purple, and gold. It matches the color scheme of Disney’s 50th Anniversary. 

Walt Disney World Locomotive Engine Features

This locomotive has some pretty neat features. My favorite is that it produces actually smoke. It definitely gives the vibe of a real train.

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

The headlight is operational. It also produces rail sounds: the sound of a train on a track, whistle sound, and steam chuffing.

It also has an announcer sound that says some special Disney announcements. I definitely get a feeling like I am boarding a train to head to Disney. There is an on and off switch for the smoke and sounds.

The “coal” in the tender car glows in an array of colors. I find it mesmerizing to watch!

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

Freight Cars Features 

Walt Disney World Box Car

This box features the Cinderella Castle on the door. Throughout the design, you will see different symbols and Disney characters like Chip and Dale and Tinker Bell, to name a few. It does say Walt Disney World – World’s Most Magical Celebration towards the front and has one of the 50th logos towards the back of the car. This boxcar does have operational doors, and it lights up with LED lights. 

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

Walt Disney World Chasing Gondola 

This freight car is my favorite out of all of them. It features Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto. It also has some storage boxes.  Each storage box represents one of the 4 parks of Walt Disney World.  I love that little detail!

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto move around the storage boxes as the train moves. It looks like they are chasing each other. If you look closer to the bottom of the car, you can see some of the shadows of other Disney Characters.

Walt Disney World Chasing Caboose 

The caboose features the two fashionistas of Disney: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. It also has an illuminated feature where the lights inside turn on. The caboose does have some of Walt Disney Word’s Park Icons. Of course, all in the theme of the 50th Anniversary.

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

Remote Control Options 

You can control this train set by using Lionel’s app LionChief. The app is free to download in Apple and Google stores. This app reminds me a little of the Droid Depot App. The neat thing about the app has the option of voice control. Here is a video from Lionel Trains’s official YouTube page on how their Voice Control works. 


If you are traditional, a regular remote is included in the set. The remote does require 3AAA batteries (not included). I love that they even decorated the control with 50th Anniversary flair.


This train set does come with a hefty price tag of $499. However, we did not pay that price due to our Disney Visa Credit Card Holder discount (10% off).

Lionel Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

We purchased the train set in Disney Springs at the Disney’s Days of Christmas Store.

The train set became available on shopDisney on January 31st. Sadly, shopDisney does not let you apply the Disney Visa Cardholder 10% Discount to it. 

My hubby and I are excited to add this train set to our collection of Disney merch. It is a work of art!