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One of my favorite trendy plush toys that Disney offers is the Disney nuiMOs. One of their newest nuiMOs to join the Disney nuiMOs family is the Belle nuiMOs. I did not hesitate. I knew I had to get her. Belle is my favorite Disney Princess.

Belle nuiMOs

Details of the Belle nuiMOs

She comes with her signature yellow ball gown with matching shoes. The material of the dress and shoes are made from a satin-like material. The dress and shoes are both removable.

Her dress does have the draping details, but it is printed/part of the actual fabric of the dress. It is not a vinyl design.

Belle nuiMOs

Belle is wearing round-shaped golden yellow earrings. The earrings are vinyl that is laid on top of her ears.

Her facial features are on point and have so many details. I love the details of her embroidered eyes and the touch of rose color on her cheeks.

Belle nuiMOs

Her hair is in signature style when she wears her ball gown. Her bun has a yellow ribbon, just like how Belle styles her hair in the film. In her bangs, you can see some embroidering details. This adds layers to her hair/bangs. 

She has the same main characteristics as the other Disney nuiMOs -magnets in the hands and poseable. This is perfect for them to take some great photos around the park. 


She stands about 6 1/3 inches tall. The perfect height to carry in my Loungefly. It still blows my mind how much details Disney puts in their nuiMOs for how tiny they are. 


Like the other Princesses and the Jack and Sally nuiMOs, Belle retailed at $21.99. With the $21.99 nuiMOs, you get a little more detail than the $19.99 ones. I purchased Belle from shopDisney. 

When I went to Walt Disney World a few weeks ago, I did it see her but saw some of the other newer nuiMOs- Chip, Dale, and Rapunzel. 

I am excited for Belle to join my nuiMOs collection and ready to take her along with Minnie and Eeyore on my future Disney Vacations.