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My Favorite Disney Christmas T-Shirts Found on Amazon

Halloween just ended, so it is official to move on to my other favorite time of the year- Christmas/ the Holiday Season! It is the best time of the year. I want to share some of my favorite Disney Christmas t-shirts that ...

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Building a Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in Hollywood Studios

Did you know you can build a lightsaber along with building your droid in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios? During my big family’s December 2022 Walt Disney World trip, I finally got to build my own lightsaber! This was a d ...

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An Overview of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Statues

For my last blog of 2022, I am going to do a brief overview of the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary statues. In this overview, I will go over which park and a general location where you can find them. I’m going to be honest ...

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Discover the Droid Depot to Build Your Own Droid

The Droid Depot in Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios is where you can build your own Custom Astromech Droid Unit that you can take home.

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Meet My R-Series Droid and the Accessories

Meet my amazing R-Series Droid that I built while I was at Droid Depot, and the accessories I purchased from Droid Depot.

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Leggings from Disney Parks Collection

Leggings from Disney Parks are one of my favorite apparel items to purchase from Disney. They are luxuriously soft and comfortable to wear.

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