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When I first bought our tickets and made our park reservations for Hollywood Studios, I knew I had to build my own custom droid at the Droid Depot. Then came the hard decision, which type of droid to build? A BB-Series Droid or R-Series Droid? I went with the R -Series Droid because it is the most classic and the original droid. The R-Series Droid also has more accessories options. Without further ado, allow me to introduce my R-Series Droid, R3-G3N1, aka Genie! He is inspired by one of my favorite Disney characters Genie from Aladdin.

My Amazing R-Series Droid


Details of my R- Series Droid- R3-G3N1 aka Genie   

The dome on my droid is a R3 model. I went with the blue body and blue side legs since Genie from Aladdin is blue. 

The center leg is black to represent Genie’s ponytail. 

The two front accessory pieces are red to represent Genie’s red belt. Genie’s side accessory pieces are black to correlate with Genie’s facial hair. 

The wires on the side legs remind me of Genie’s Gold bracelets. 

 R-Series Droid Side Leg

 Personality Chips

   Genie has two personality chips. Orange- Resistance- and sliver- Smuggler. Genie from Aladdin is known for his different personalities and disguises. I wanted my droid to embody that.  When I went to the Droid Depot in February 2021, personality chips retailed at $14.99.

Custom Astromech Unit Backpack

    The backpack is made out of canvas material. It has a cinched closure at the top with a zipper window on the front for your droid to lookout while in the backpack. The flap has a magnet that helps hold it in place when unzip. There is one side pocket on the outside, a perfect location to store the remote control. Inside there is a small zipper pocket. You will also see a chain hanging inside. This is for the BB-Series to keep their head in place while it is in the backpack. At the bottom of the backpack, you will find a foam base. This helps secure your droid while it is in. 

The foam base at the bottom of the backpack can make it tricky to slide your droid in, but with practice, you will get the hang of it. 

   This backpack was a lifesaver for me. It allowed me to easily carry Genie around Galaxy’s Edge and other parts of Hollywood Studios without worrying about the box handle breaking (I did see this happen to someone while we were at the park.) The backpack has padding in the straps, which adds extra comfort while carrying your droid.

R-Series Droid Serving Tray with 7 cups & Articulating Serving Arm

   This accessory made the final touches of my droid. I bought this tray to embody the part in the song “Friend Like Me” when Genie becomes Aladdin’s Maître D. 

    There are 17 pieces in total with this accessory. The tray is made out of individual pieces that fit together to form the long tray. The serving tray attaches to the R-Series legs. The serving arm goes in at the top of the dome (head). 

   There are some negatives about the serving tray. One is that your droid has to be in its resting (legs put up) position for the tray to be placed on the droid. Another is that it can be hard to put the tray together.  $17.99 was the retail price when I purchased the tray back in Feb 2021.

R Series Droid and Serving Tray

Genie was the droid I was looking for while I was at Galaxy’s Edge to be part of my family!