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My husband surprised me with the I am Groot Lego set a couple of weeks ago. I am over the moon about it! Groot is one of my favorite Marvel characters! This set captures Groot’s features that make him so adorable and loveable.

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I am Groot Lego Set

Details of the I am Groot Lego Set

What is in the Set?
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 476 Lego Pieces  
  • Stickers
I am Groot Lego Set

The set provides you with the pieces to build baby Groot, the mixed cassette tape, and the little information “plague.” It is key to follow the instruction booklet and not open all the bags at once. It will help keep things organized with the number of pieces in this set. This set had 3 numbered bags.

I am Groot Lego Set

Assembling started with the little information plaque, next the cassette tape, and then Baby Groot. 

I am Groot Lego Set

With the help of my husband, it took us a tad bit over 2 hours to build. I am going, to be honest. My husband did the majority of the build, and I aided.  

We had a few extra pieces left over l and a whole set of stickers. This is typical with Lego sets to have some leftover pieces.

Unique Feature

This Groot Lego figurine can be posed in different positions. It has joints that ables you to do so in the legs and arms along in his hands/fingers.

Most lego figurines I have seen are typically stationary, maybe with a few moveable parts but not where I can pose them in different positions It is such a neat function. I change his position almost every time when I am sitting at my desk. I find it therapeutic.

So you can have Groot in some dance moves positions, especially since he has the mixtape with the best jamming tunes from the 70s and 80s.  Peter Quill/Star-Lord probably wondering where his mixtape went.


The figurine of Groot stands about 10.2 inches in height and 4.3 inches in width.

Age Recommendation

This set is recommended for 10 years old or older. I can see why because they are a lot of tiny pieces. I found assembly can be a little tricky. Some pieces almost look the same.

Available to Purchase

My hubby ordered this Lego set from Lego themselves, but I have found it available on Amazon. It is available on my Amazon Storefront with my other Disney Lego finds!
This I Am Groot Lego is truly a delight. Baby Groot is simply the cutest creature in the Marvel Universe. Lego did a pheromonal job of capturing the details of Groot.

I love the little Leaf and Tree Branches Lego pieces and the sticker detail.

The details that Lego put into this set really makes Groot come to life. Groot himself would shout out “I Am Groot!” in amazement over it.