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In honor of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, Disney announced their Fab 50 Characters, in which they created golden statues of them. Some of the golden statues will feature more than one of the Fab 50. These statues are placed throughout the 4 parks of Disney World- Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. This blog post is about the golden statues located in Animal Kingdom that I saw on my trip to the park on Sept 20th, 2021. 

My hubby and I just liked with the 50th Anniversary merchandise, we were not excepting to see any golden statues on our Animal Kingdom trip. We thought we had to wait until our trip next year for the 50th celebration. Please note the 50th Anniversary is happening over 18 months. The official start date is Oct 1st,2021.

How Many are Located in Animal Kingdom?

There are 4 golden statues located in Animal Kingdom.

Which Fab 50 Golden Statutes are in Animal Kingdom?

The character statues found in Animal Kingdom include Bambi & Thumper, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, and Nemo & Dory. 

Location in Animal Kingdom

The 4 golden statues are located around the common area in front of the Tree of Life. In the image below, you see Eeyore pointing to the map where they can be found. They are not too far from each other. I also circled and placed tiny marks on the map to give a general location of the statues.

Bambi & Thumper 

The statue featuring Bambi and Thumper is located in front of the Tree of Life.

Simba and Timon & Pumbaa

You will find the two statues of Simba and best buddies, Timon & Pumba, right next to each other. They are two separate statues. Simba is one statue, while Timon and Pumba together make the second statue. They are only a few steps away from Bambi & Thumper in front of the Tree of Life.

The statues of Simba and Timon & Pumbaa are my favorites out of the ones in Animal Kingdom.

Golden Statues Located in Animal Kingdom- Simba and Timon & Pumba

Nemo & Dory 

The 4th golden statue of Nemo & Dory is located to the right of the Tree of Life but still in the common area.

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