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My favorite part of any vacation, especially a Disney one, is shopping for merchandise. They are the perfect way to commemorate your trip. Disney offers a wide variety of them. Some can be expensive, but they are some that are not. I want to share my favorite Disney merchandise under $20 to purchase while I am at Disney. These are not in any particular order.

Please note the prices mentioned were based on my past trips to Disney (WDW- Sept 2021/Jan 2022 & Aulani– June 2022).

Disney Mugs

Mugs are a classic piece of merch/souvenir to get on any vacation and one of my top go-to purchases. One of the first blog posts I have written is about the mugs at Disney.

Disney Merchandise Under $20- Mugs
Mugs from 2021

The mugs at Disney start at $14.99 and go up. Please note that they are some that are over the $20. If you do not find yourself going to Disney anytime soon and want a Disney mug, they are some on shopDisney

Disney Wishables

Since I was young, I had a thing for plushies, especially Disney plushies. Most plushies at Disney are above $20. There is one type of plush I love to purchase that fall under $20. That is the Disney Wishables. I do like the nuiMOs but they are right at the $20 mark and some are over $20. Click here to read more about the Disney nuiMOs.

Disney Wishables are miniature plushes. They kind of remind me of Squishmallows, just smaller versions. Even though they are small, they are packed full of details. One trait of all of the wishables is that they all have little stars in their eyes. A plus is that they are super soft.
They come in different themes based on Disney attractions,/food characters, and vacations.
Wishables come in a mystery blind pack, and some are open edition ones.

Disney Merchandise Under $20- Wishables
Jan 2022

Pricing varies. I have seen some at Walt Disney World between $14.99 to $16.99. On my trip to the Aulani in June 2022, they had theirs for $10. Wishables are also available on shopDisney.

Disney Merchandise Under $20- Wishables

Disney Keychains

Like the mugs, they are a variety of keychains. There are ones that are plush to ones that are metal trinkets. I love to use them as bag charms to add a little bit of Disney to my non-Disney bags. I typically buy one on every Disney vacation. Price ranges from $7.99 – $14.99 (based on Jan 2021 trip to Walt Disney World.) 

Disney Trading Pins

Another one of my favorite souvenirs to get while on a Disney vacation is trading pins. I always seem to buy one to commemorate my trip, stay at a resort, or attend a Disney special event. There is always a variety of pins to choose from, and a good majority fall under the $20 range. You can even find some multiple packs (mostly 2-pack pins) under $20. 

For more information on Pin Trading at Disney, read my blog post on Pin Trading at Disney-Things You Need to Know. I also have a blog post on Ways and Products to Help Display Your Trading Pins

Disney Merchandise Under $20
Jan 2022

Disney Reusable Shopping Bags

I love bags! I always had a thing for bags, which goes with reusable shopping bags. The ones available at Disney are my favorite. The perfect option if you need a more sturdy bag. With the regular shopping bags you get, I always have a problem with them breaking at the handle, especially when carrying them all day. It was also good to be a little greener too.

Disney Merchandise Under $20- Disney Reusable Shopping Bags
Reusable bags from the 50th (Sept 2021)

They fold nicely in your luggage, so you do not have to worry about losing space. I always pack at least one when I travel and use it as a laundry bag.
You can’t beat the price. At Walt Disney World (based on January 2022 trip), they ranged from $2 to $3 depending on the size. At the Aulani (June 2022), they only had one size, and the bag cost $15.

Disney Pressed Coins

A nostalgic souvenir in my books is the pressed coins. I love how it is made in front of you. I always seem to get at least one on every vacation. This includes both regular and Disney vacations, especially if I commemorate something but want something very affordable.

With Disney updating their pressed coins machines, most now start at $1 for one pressed coin. The older pressed coin machines had a starting point of cost of 51 cents, but you had to pay with coins. The newer ones now allow the ability to pay with dollar bills and/or credit/debit cards. I like this because I always do not have coins on me to make one. There is a chance you may find an older machine, but I have not seen one since my Sept 2021 trip to Walt Disney World. That was one found at the resort I was staying at. You can click here to see my TikTok video making one. 

Jan 2021

Disney has a decent amount of pressed coin machines all over their properties from Disney Springs, Parks, and Resorts. You can use the Disney My Experience to help locate them.

If you need something to hold your pressed coins, Disney sells some pressed coin collector holders/folders. I got one a couple of years ago when we were down in Disney Springs.

Jan 2021

During my last big Walt Disney Trip (Jan 2022), I spotted a 50th Anniversary pressed coin collector holder. It is like a little folder to hold your pressed coins. These holders/folders do fall under $20, which makes a good souvenir if you are on a budget.

If you are looking for some Disney merchandise that does not break the bank while on vacation, just keep in mind my favorite merchandise under $20. 

If you are looking for some merchandise at a discount, you should look at shopping at the Disney Character Warehouses. They are Disney’s clearance stores. You can read my blog post to learn more.