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My newest Loungefly, Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack, is a beauty. When I first laid my eyes on this Loungefly I knew I could not sleep on this. It is stunning!

Details on the Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

This is another outstanding bag that Loungefly nailed the details. So let’s take a closer look at this beauty of a bag.


The pink color of this bag is what first stood out to me. The pink color is what I would call rose pink. 

The next feature that grabbed my attention was the sewn-on applique of Aurora’s face peeking over the front pocket. I love this style of Loungefly Cosplay bag, and my Gaston and Princess Jasmine mini backpacks feature the same detail.  

This applique of Aurora’s face features screen-printed details her crown, hair, eyebrows, and nose line. Her eyes are embroidered on. 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

The front pocket resembles the top part of her dress and features a sewn-on applique and some embroidered details. The front pocket features Aurora’s gold crown as a zipper pull and the typical Loungefly metal logo plate.

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

This bag features two side pockets. What makes these side pockets unique is that they are glitter. The material is not the one where the glitter flakes off but the glitter in the material. To me, the side pockets seem vinyl-like. It reminds me of the material of my Figment Loungefly. 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

The details continue on the bag with a screen print portrait of Princess Aurora holding a rose. Surrounding her portrait is an embossed detail of roses and thorns. The back of the bag is blue. It gives some contrast to the bag along with a nod to how Aurora’s dress goes from pink to blue between Flora and Merryweather fighting over what color it should be.

The straps also pay homage to the debate of making it pink/make it blue. The padded part of the straps is pink, and the adjustable part is blue.  

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

Simulated leather, like most of Loungefly’s bags, is the main material of this bag. The main pocket features gold zipper hardware with the Loungeflylogo zipper pulls. This bag does have an accessory top loop. 


The liner is one of my favorite liners. It is an AOP (all-over print) that features Aurora, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather along with some other icons/symbols in a faded white on a light pink background. Some icons/symbols include Aurora’s crown, the Spinning Wheel, and the silhouette of Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing. 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

There are two images of Aurora- one in her pink dress holding a rose and one in her blue dress holding a cute woodland creature. Surrounding Aurora’s images are the thorns and roses in a faded white color. 

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack

I love how the images of the fairies are placed. They look like they are flying around the liner. There is a zipper pocket inside this beauty of a bag. 


This Loungefly Measures roughly about 10″ X 9″ X 5″.

Where did I purchase it? 

I purchased this Loungefly from Amazon and it is exclusive to the shop Retrofacts which they only sell on Amazon. They are the same Amazon shop that my Princess Jasmine Loungefly was purchased from. 

Click here to purchase the Aurora Loungefly.

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