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In my last post, I spotlighted the delicious and savory Gulf Shrimp and Grits from Tiana’s Palace. It was not the only thing I ate from there. I had to try the dessert that was the House-Filled Beignet from Tiana’s Palace. Let’s take a bite into the details.

Details of the House-Filled Beignet from Tiana’s Palace

House-Filled Beignet from Tiana's Palace


The description came from the menu on Disneyland’s webpage on Tiana’s Palace

“House-filled Beignet-Featuring Lemon Ice Box Pie Filling topped with Lemon Glaze”


The price of 1 house-filled beignet is $4.49 plus tax.

House-Filled Beignet from Tiana's Palace

You can pay a little extra to get a Lily Pad and Lotus Cup Ceramic Set. The cost of this set is $34.99 plus tax. It does come with 1 house-filled beignet with that price. 

House-Filled Beignet from Tiana's Palace

Certain discounts can be used at this restaurant. Those discounts can be found on the webpage about Tiana’s Palace. I did get a 10% discount when I used my Disney Visa credit card.

Taste/My Overall Thoughts

I would rate the House-Filled Beignet a 5 out of 10. Tiana is known for her famous beignets and the house-filled beignet is not what I expected to serve at Tiana’s Palace. I was expecting something more on the line like the Mickey-shaped beignets that I had at Port New Orleans in Walt Disney World (Mickey-shaped beignets can be found at Disneyland at Mint Julep Bar) but more look like Tiana’s beignets from the film (Princess and the Frog).

For some reason, I expected it to be a warm beignet, but it was cold. I understood why for the ice box lemon filling. 

The filling was refreshing and had a strong lemon flavor. I am confused as to why they did a lemon flavor. Lemon is a flavor I love, but I think lemon is more of a summer/seasonal flavor. Lemon is not a flavor that a lot of people like. Wish they also had another beignet for those who do not like lemon.

I thought the beignet was flat and not as pillowy and airy as a typical beignet. There was to much lemon glaze (I think) on the beignet. It was runny. A lot of the glaze puddled on the plate. However, it had a good flavor. 

House-Filled Beignet from Tiana's Palace

Overall, I think Disney needs to dig a little deeper into the execution of this beignet to make it worthy of being made from Princess Tiana.