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I recently got back from my 2nd Disney Cruise with my family. My hubby and I agree that going on a Disney Cruise is our favorite Disney Vacation. It is both relaxing and fun! For this blog post, I want to spotlight my favorite activities to do on a Disney Cruise.

This list will include ones that are included in the price of the cruise and ones that have an additional cost.

These activities are based on the cruises I took in Feb 2020 (before COVID) and Feb 2024


The Disney Cruise Line offers an assortment of delicious and dedicated food options. It is some of the best food I have ever tasted. I never leave the ship hungry!

Options include a buffet for breakfast and lunch, quick-service options on the top deck, sit-down breakfast/lunch(at one of the selected dining rooms/restaurants, and rotational dinners between the 3 dining rooms/restaurants. Click here to learn more about the Disney Cruise Rotational Dining. 

Mickey Shaped Churros Waffles from the Cabanas Buffet

One of my favorite items is the Mickey Shaped churros waffles, which they only serve at the buffet typically once during the cruise, but we got it served twice since we were on a 7-day cruise.

Food options not included in the cost are the snacks at the theaters, specialty ice cream shops, food on the bar’s menu, and adult dining restaurants.

Ordering Room Service

Room Service is included in the price of the cruise with some options (like bottled/canned beverages) costing additional cost. There are some food options you can only get from room service, like the Buffalo Chicken Wings- my favorite. 

There is also a secret menu item which you can order from room service. That item is the favorite Mickey Ice Cream bar.  

Room service is available 24 hours up til 1:30 AM on the final day of your cruise.

Crafts/Drawing Classes

Crafts and learning how to draw certain Disney characters are part of the daily activities offered on the cruise. I am not a crafty/artistic person, but I find doing these activities on the cruise very relaxing and fun. Some of the crafts I have done on my past 2 cruises include 3-D models, door hangers, and designing a drawstring bag. 

Drawings I have done include Forky, Jack-Jack, BB-8, and Porg, but they offered Goofy, Cruise Minnie, and Groot, to name a few. 

Some of my crafts from my past Disney Cruises

Some are available for all ages with some offered for adults only. Like with the other activities, all the times/locations will be available in the Disney Cruise App once you board the ship.  


I enjoy testing my knowledge in trivia, and the Disney Cruise offers a variety of trivia- all sorts of Disney, music, and sports are some of the ones I participated in. With the Disney-themed trivia- the winning team wins a Disney medal. Sadly, I did not win one, but I will make it my goal for my next cruise. 

The non-Disney-themed trivia winners win Cruise theme merch like keychains and hats, and some received little drawstring bags full of different things. It just depends on what they have on hand.  

Information on trivia will be available in the Disney Cruise App once you board the ship. 

Drinking/Tasting Classes

One of the additional cost activities that adults (21 years or older) can sign up for is drinking /tasting classes. Some of the classes are whiskey, bourbon, mixology, beer, and martini. The cost starts at $40 per person and goes up from there depending on the class/tasting. You can sign up for these classes when your time to book your activities for your Disney Cruise. The app will have the date when you can sign up. 

In all the ones I have done, the bartender running the class was knowledgeable and made the class fun. I definitely learn a lot from these classes. I felt like you definitely get your money’s worth in the class with the history provided, fun, and tasting some astonishing drinks with tasting some I would never try on my own.

Bourbon Drinking Class on the Magic Feb 2024

Top Deck Recreation Activities

The top decks offer a variety of recreational activities- swimming in the pool, slides, basketball court, putt-putt course (depending on the ship), and watching movies on the big screen (Funnel Vision) that come with the price of the cruise. I also find it relaxing to sit in one of the lounge chairs and soak up the sun! My personal favorites are the adult-only pool area (available on all ships) along with the AquaDuck on the Fantasy, and the Aquadunk slide on the Magic.

Disney Magic

Meeting the Characters 

It is not a Disney vacation without meeting some Disney Characters. I was surprised by the assortment of Disney characters available to see on Disney Cruise. I find the lines to meet them are much shorter than the parks. Times and locations are again available in the app once you board the ship. 

Meeting Pluto on the Disney Fantasy

You can also sign up to meet at least 3 Disney Princesses in the app. This activity is the Royal Gathering, and it does not cost anything extra. Sign-up is available 30 days before your cruise at midnight Eastern Time. This does fill up fast be sure to make sure you sign up when the times first come available.

Meeting Princess Tiana at the Royal Gathering

There are some character dining experiences like Royal Court Royal Tea (haven’t done) for additional cost available to sign up for at the time you can sign up for the other activities that require a reservation for your cruise. 

Attending the Shows

Disney is known for their entertainment, and that carries on to their cruise ships in the variety of shows they have on the ships. Broadway musicals/shows, musicians, comedians, magicians, and game shows there is truly something for everyone.  

Playing Bingo

This additional cost activity was a huge favorite with my family and me. It combines the quality of entertainment Disney is known for with the classic game of bingo. Also, it was a little more fun when you win. This past cruise I won twice! 

One of my Winning Bingos on a Disney Cruise

I have plans shortly to do an Activity Spotlight on Playing Bingo on a Disney Cruise.

Pin Trading

Pin trading is not just a park activity. It is an activity that can be done on Disney Cruise. The shops on the ship have binders filled with pins you can trade from. 

One of the pin trading binders on the Disney Magic

Before COVID, some cast/crew members wore lanyards with pins you can trade with them. Also, they had an event where you could trade with the Captains. Sadly, on my last cruise, these were not available. I hope they make a comeback before my next cruise.

On my recent cruise, most of my pin trading occurred with pinboards that some people created to put on their doors. I had a pinboard on our door, and seeing what pins we had at the end of each day was fun. I also enjoyed exploring the ship looking for pinboards on people’s doors.

My Pin Trading Board on my room door on the Disney Magic

Attending the Reception on Formal Night

Before each dinner time on formal night, there is a reception for guests to mingle with the captains and officers of the ship. There is usually someone playing piano. Waiters come around with cocktails and mocktails, which are free to drink. 

There are also photoshoots and backdrops where you and your family/friends can take pictures along with character meet and greets as the characters dress the part for formal night. 

Seeing Goofy dressed in a Tux on Formal Night (not the best picture as he was walking by)

Pirate’s Night

On select Disney Cruises, there’s one night set aside for Pirate’s Night. It is one of my favorites. Guests can dress up in their pirate outfits. Also, every guest will get a Mickey Pirate bandana, such a cute little souvenir that you get included in the cost of the cruise. 

Cast members and characters are dressed up. The dinner that evening in all the rotational dining restaurants has the Pirates Night menu. This menu is one of my favorite menus on the cruise.  I love the Jack’s Treasure of the Seas and the crab cakes.

In addition to this night, there is a deck party in which Mickey and his friends, along with some pirates, put on a show. The best part of the show is when they shoot fireworks. Yep, that’s right, fireworks at sea. It is such a magical experience! 


Last but certainly not least is shopping. I love shopping for Disney Merch and love shopping on Disney Cruise ships. Each ship has the main shop- Mickey’s Mainsail. This store has what I call the typical Disney merch and the cruise theme merch that can only be found on the ships. Other shops vary between the ships. Click here to view the list of shops on the Disney Cruise Line Ships.

Mickey’s Mainsail on the Disney Magic

Disney cruises offer a wide range of activities for the whole family. The quality and magic of the activities on the Disney Cruise make my hubby and I return to Disney Cruise Line every time we cruise.