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Back in May, my hubby and I went on a day trip to Disney Springs. For lunch, I went to The Daily Poutine in Disney Springs. Out of the hundreds of times I have been to Disney Springs, this was my first time trying this place out.

What is The Daily Poutine?

The Daily Poutine is a small concession stand vendor located in Disney Springs. They serve poutine but with a gourmet/international twist. 

You may ask yourself, “What is poutine?” Poutine is a Canadian dish of french fries that is comes with brown beef gravy and cheese curds on top. You can say it is like Canada’s version of chili cheese fries. 


Along with the classic Canadian version, they offer a variety of poutines with international flavors. They offer Italian, New Delhi, Korean Barbecue Poutines. Also on their menu is Loaded Frities. 

Soft drink beverages and a few alcoholic beverages like the Canadian Apple Slushy are available to help quench your thirst. Click here for a more in-depth look at their menu

Menu from May 2021


All of the poutines cost $9.99. Loaded Frities cost $9.49. Non- Alcoholic Beverages range from $3.50-$4.99. Alcoholic beverages cost $9 for draft beer and the Candian Apple Slushy $14. Please note this is before tax.

What did I get when I went to the Daily Poutine in Disney Springs? 

When I went there in May 2021, Disney celebrated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with A World of Voices celebration. The Daily Poutine created a Korean Barbecue Poutine(still offered on their menu) in honor of the event. I decided to try this new dish out.

  Korean Barbecue Poutine came with golden french fries topped with Asian Barbecued Pulled Pork, Kimchi, and Sriracha Aioli. The fries were crispy and yet not being too thin nor too thick. The fries hold up perfectly to the toppings without them become soggy. The BBQ pork was tendered and had a little bit of sweetness. The Kimchi and Sriracha gave the dish a little kick of spice. Overall, it was flavorful. I would definitely order this dish again.

Looks like they are not a lot, but super filling.

Kimchi was something I had never had before and always wanted to try some. I thought this dish was a good introduction for me to try some. If you do not know, Kimchi is fermented cabbage with a ray of spices. It is a staple in Korean cuisine.

The next time you are in Disney Springs, I highly recommend trying The Daily Poutine. Whether you try it for a meal or snack, you will definitely get something filling and delicious. The price is also perfect for any budget.