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When I purchased the Aurora Sleeping Beauty Loungefly Mini Backpack, I knew I wanted to create a look to go with it. So with pieces I found on Amazon, I put together a pink Aurora Disneybound Idea. I am on Flora’s side on Aurora being in pink, also pink is one of my favorite colors.

Pink Aurora Disneybound Idea

Pink Aurora Disneybound Idea

Compared to some of my other Disneybound ideas, I kept it simple by featuring 3 items however one of the items comes with 2 pieces. I own all of the pieces featured in this Disneybound.

Women’s Athletic/Tennis/Golf Dress with Shorts

The rose pink color of this athletic dress reminds me of Princess Aurora’s pink dress. I think the white detailing of the zipper of the collar makes a nice reference to the white detailing found on her dress.

It does come with a pair of shorts. So kinda of a deal getting the dress and shorts together. The shorts are separate from the dress so not built in. The shorts and dress both have pockets—2 pockets on the dress and 2 on the shorts. You can never have too many pockets!! The pockets on the dress have a zipper closure and almost blend in with the dress. It’s kinda like hidden pockets.

For additional information and/or to purchase, click here.

Golden Velvet Braided Headband

This beautiful gold velvet braided headband is a nice reference to Aurora’s crown. This headband is one of my top favorites. It is comfortable and I love how soft the material is. It gives a sense of elegance and a regal feel. I own it in 3 colors- red, black, and gold.

This headband has been featured in a few of my outfit ideas like- 10 Disney Princess Inspired Looks with Pieces Found on Amazon and Snow White Disneybound Idea with Pieces Found on Amazon.

I am a big advocate for Disney/Mickey ears when at Disney, but I could not find a pair that I like on Amazon. However, this headband allows me to wear this look when I am not a Disney.

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Loungefly Disney Sleeping Beauty Aurora Cosplay Mini Backpack

This Loungefly is the piece that this look is based around. I did a spotlight on this Loungefly, which can be read here.

For information and/or to purchase, click here.

Pink Aurora Disneybound Idea
Me in the Pink Aurora Disneybound Idea

Add your personal favorite/comfortable pair of shoes to this Pink Aurora Disneybound Idea for the final touch. My go-to shoes now are Crocs. Click here to see my finds/favorites Crocs on Amazon.