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Of course, I had to a post about the Disney Hallmark Ornaments from Target since I did one on the Harry Potter Hallmark Ornaments. The Hallmark Ornaments, especially Disney-themed ones. are my favorite. I feel like I am bringing home the magic of Disney.

The ornaments listed in this blog post will feature Disney characters and some from Disney’s other franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.  These were the ones I saw at my local Target.

Tiana Hallmark Ornament

Princess Tiana is wearing her beautiful yellow and green ball gown while holding Prince Naveen. He is in his frog form.

Disney Hallmark Ornaments from Target Princess Tiana

Ariel & Ursula Hallmark Ornaments

If you are a lover of the movie, The Little Mermaid, these two ornaments of Ariel and Ursula are for you. Each ornament is sold separately. My favorite part of these two ornaments is their glistening look. This is from the glitter that is on them.

Elsa and Anna Hallmark Oranments

It is the dynamic sister duo, Elsa and Anna. They are wearing their looks from the second movie, Frozen II. These two are also sold separately.

Luca Hallmark Oranment

Luca is from the Pixar movie named after him that splashed onto Disney + this past summer. He is in his sea monster form. Do not worry. He is a friendly one if you are familiar with the movie. 

Chewbacca Hallmark Ornament

The favorite Wookie from the Star Wars franchise is ready for battle as he has his trusted bowcaster.

R2-D2 Hallmark Oranment

If you are a fan of the original droid R2-D2, this is the ornament you are looking for to decorate your tree. 

Darth Vader Hallmark Ornament

The Sith Lord, Darth Vader, is holding his red lightsaber. It looks like he is getting ready to fight.  

Grogu/Baby Yoda/The Child Hallmark Ornament

Even though he is small, The Child (aka Grogu/Baby Yoda) the force is strong with him. 

Spider-Man Hallmark Ornament

Spider-Man hangs upside down as his web is twisted around him. 

Iron Man Hallmark Ornament

Iron Man in his all-important armor suit. 

Santa Jack Skellington Hallmark Ornament

Bring in a little piece of the spooky season to the holidays with Jack dressed up as Santa. 

Jack Skellington and Sally Hallmark Ornament

Honor the love between the couple from Night Before Christmas with this ornament. Both Jack and Sally are wearing their signature outfits.

Disney Princess Mini Hallmark Ornament Set

This mini set of 6 includes the following Disney Princesses– Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Moana. I love how this set has the traditional princesses and some of the newer ones.

Star Wars Mini Hallmark Ornament Set

The Star War Characters included in this mini set are Darth Vader, Yoda, BB8, R2-D2, Porg, and Chewbacca.

Marvel Mini Hallmark Ornament Set

Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Groot, and Black Panther are included in this mini set. 

Mystery Hallmark Ornaments 

The packaging of these mystery ornaments lets you know which ones are common, rare, to very rare. A red dot by the character means common. A yellow dot means rare. A green dot means very rare. 

Most of these mystery ornaments will come in a plastic container which makes them easy to store. 

Mystery Hallmark Disney Princess Ornament 

You get one of the following Princesses – Ariel (Common), Cinderella (Common), Belle (Common), Mulan (Rare), Moana (Rare), Rapunzel (Rare), Pink Princess Crown (Very Rare).  

I ended purchase one of these and ended up getting Mulan.

Mystery Hallmark Marvel Ornament 

In this series of mystery ornaments, you will get one of the following Marvel characters- Spider-Man (Common), Groot (Common), Iron Man (Rare), Black Panther (Rare), Loki (Rare), and Thanos Gaunlet (Very Rare). 

My hubby is a Marvel Fan, so I did get him one. He ended up getting Iron Man. 

Mystery Hallmark Star Wars Ornament 

In this Mystery Hallmark Star Wars Series, you will get one of the following – Yoda (Common), R2-D2 (Common), Darth Vader (Common), Chewbacca (Rare), Luke Skywalker in his Rebel Flight suit (Rare), Princess Leia (Rare), and Death Star (Very Rare). 

Mystery Hallmark Nightmare Before Christmas Ornament 

Unlike the other Mystery Hallmark Ornaments, the ones in this series do not come in a plastic container. They come in a sealed blind bag that is not resealable. 

You will get one of the following characters- Jack (Common), Sally (Common), Lock(Rare), Shock(Rare), Barrel (Rare), and Oogie Boogie (Very Rare). 

Pricing of the Disney Hallmark Ornaments

All of the ornaments had the retail price listed on their tag/package. For the individual ones, they were listed at $9. The mini ornament set was listed at $13. The mystery ornaments are $5 each. 

These Disney Hallmark ornaments from Target will add that little Disney magic or what I like to call the Spirit of the Castle to your holiday season. 

Please note the availability of these Disney Hallmark Ornaments from Target may differ between locations and what is online.