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This week is Disney’s World Princess Week. In honor of this week, I want to share my 7 ideas for Disneybounding as a Disney Princess. All of these ideas came from pieces I already had in my closet. Before I dive into it, let me explain a little about Disneybound.

What is Disneybounding? 

Disneybounding is dressing up as a Disney character without it being a “costume.” You just use regular articles of clothing to correlate with the Disney Character you are trying to bound. Since adults are not allowed to wear costumes at the parks (unless it is a special event like Boo Bash), Disneybounding gives us Disney Adults a chance to embody our favorite Disney characters and express our creativity. You can use pieces to mimic the actual character’s outfits or take inspiration from their color scheme. You can make it casual to fancy! This is the beauty of Disneybounding. You can create a Disneybound based on your style of fashion. There are really no set rules, just as long it is not a costume and follows Disney’s dress code.

Adding a touch of Disney-themed accessories can take your Disneybound to the next level and help clarify to others who you are Disneybounding as.

I am kinda getting into doing more Disneybound looks. I typically do more of what is called Disney Style. Disney Style is where you wear Disney-themed apparel and/or accessories. You are not dressing up as a specific character. You are just yourself. 

Disneybounding is not limited to just Disney. Depending on what pieces you use, you can Disneybound to work or going around town. When I Disneybound around town or at home, it helps me feel like I am at Disney without being there. Channeling my Spirit of the Castle feeling

Ideas Disneybounding as a Disney Princess

My style of fashion leans towards more casual and comfy, especially at the parks. I like simple pieces and also enjoy bold colors and prints. You will see my style reflected in the ideas below and in future posts. In each description below, I list where I got each piece of clothing and where I would personally wear the outfit out too. (Please note some items may not be available to purchase at the companies I mention. The majority of them I had for a few years.)

Belle Idea 1

Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Belle

In this Disneybound, I use a white ¾ sleeve shirt I got from TJ Maxx years ago. I pair it with a blue tank dress I got from Ross when I was in college. The white belt from Amazon replicates Belle’s bow from the apron. I would wear my pearls stud earrings with this. My white Toms takes this outfit to a more laid-back look. For a finishing touch, I added my Danielle Nicole Beast Clutch (a Poshmark find.)

I would most likely wear this for a day in Magic Kingdom (in cooler months) with my silver ears from Disney. (Ears add more magic vacation)

Belle Idea 2

Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Belle

The yellow lace dress I purchased from Ross. I got it years ago for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. It came with a nude color belt. I paired it with my Lucky Brand sandals that I got from Macy’s. To add a touch of the rose, I paired a Beauty and the Beast Inspired bracelet I received as a gift from my sister-in-law. The Belle earrings from Disney Parks were a Disney find on Mercari. I would either use the Danielle Nicole Beast Clutch or my Beast Loungefly Mini Backpack to go with this outfit.

This outfit I would wear for a fancier date night around town or at a fancy Disney resort restaurant with my Belle Inspired Ears from Etsy.  I would wear this at a spring/summer wedding.


Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Jasmine

This turquoise blue dress came from a local boutique. It matches perfectly with the color of Jasmine’s iconic outfit. In her iconic look, she wears gold jewelry. I tried to replicate her pieces with the jewelry I already had on hand. The silver and gold necklace came from the jewelry company, Paparazzi. I use the gold earrings from Hot Topic’s Aladdin collection released in 2019 for the live-action film. The gold bracelet was purchased from Clarie’s a few years ago. The sandals I put with this outfit are Sanuk brand.

This outfit I would wear at a fancier date night in town or at a fancier table service restaurant on a Disney Resort. The ears I would pair with this outfit for a Disney Vacation are my Genie-inspired ears from Etsy.


Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Tiana

For Tiana’s Disneybound idea, I was inspired by her waitress and jacket color scheme. The green body con maxi dress came from a local boutique. I paired it with a yellow kimono I got from another local boutique. The long necklace came from Paparazzi. The silver metallic slides are from Pink. To top it off, I paired it with a white flower I would wear in my hair to mimic Tiana’s lily flower she wears. I would wear my pearl earrings with this look.

This outfit I would wear around the house and doing errands around town. I would also wear it at Disney Springs and the parks with my silver ears. 


Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Ariel

This is the most casual and laid-back look out of all of my ideas. The Next Level purple razor tank (Ariel’s top) and green biker shorts (Ariel’s tail) came from Amazon. The navy blue sandals with the silver starfish are the brand oka. B.  To give the sense I am trying to be Ariel, I add the Ariel earrings (I got the same Mercari seller as the Belle earrings) and my Little Mermaid Ears from Disney (Disney Character Warehouse.)

This will definitely be a Disney Parks outfit and a laid-back home outfit for me.

Snow White

The blue shirt and the yellow leggings mimic Snow White’s dress. Both of these pieces came from Amazon. Click here to check them out on my Amazon Storefront. The red scarf from Walmart represents her red headband. I paired it with my white Toms for a more casual look. The earrings I would wear with this outfit will be my red studs.
I would wear this as my everyday outfit. It will also make a great day at the parks outfit with my red Minnie ears.


Disneybounding as a Disney Princess- Cinderella

 I bought this She & Sho brand chambray dress from Basement Boutique. The best thing is that it has pockets! I paired it with a black choker which replicates the one she wears. I added the Cinderella’s castle earrings I purchased from Etsy (ElleandCharming). Paired with this Dinseybound idea are my Pink slides for a more laid-back look. I do love the fact this outfit I can dress up or down.

This will be a great afternoon date in town or around the Disney Resort/Parks with my silver ears. The silver ears remind me of her sparkly glass slippers.

With Halloween coming up, Disneybounding is a great option to wear at a party if costumes are not your thing.

Ever since I started to dapple in Disneybounding, I am looking/shopping for clothes in a new way. I ask myself, “How can I make this into a Disneybound?” Truly gives me joy and enhances my “Spirit of the CastIe feeling.”

Creating a Disneybound idea does not have to be complicated, nor do you have to go out to purchase new clothing to do so. I encourage you to look in your closet and use your creativity. You can come up with some stunning Disneybounds.

I will be sharing so more Disneybound ideas in future posts and on my social media. Be sure to follow me!