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The new Scentsy’s Disney Princess Collection is perfect for princess lovers like me. The collection gives your home a touch of elegance and charm that the Disney Princesses are known for.

Scentsy's Disney Princess Collection

What pieces are available in Scentsy’s Disney Princess Collection?

Disney Princess Wall Fan Diffuser

 Disney Princess Wall Fan Diffuser comes in two color options, each featuring a different set of Disney Princesses. The one I have is the light blue one. It features some of the classic princesses -Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel. 

The second option is light purple and features the more modern princesses- Tiana, Mulan, and Rapunzel. Click here to see the Disney Princess Wall Fan Diffuser in purple. The purple option debuted this month, while the blue one debuted in April.  

These diffusers look like a Castle Tower. It reminds me of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. It’s like having a piece of the castle in your home with you. Each princess is looking out of their own window. Surrounding each of their windows features a character and symbols that are associated with them. 

The best thing about these diffusers is that you can spin the cover around to display whatever princess you want to face in the front. It is like having 3 looks in one piece! 

 These wall fan diffusers are plastic, unlike my Beauty and the Beast mini warmer. It is ceramic. Instead of using wax in these diffusers, you will use a Scentsy pod. I like this because I do not have to worry about my dogs getting into the wax. In addition, it is a lot easier to switch scents.

Scentsy's Disney Princess Collection

Disney Princess: True Love Awaits Scentsy Pod Twin Pack, Room Spray and Bar

Disney Princess: True Love Awaits Scent has hints of vanilla, raspberries, and mandarin. The scent is sweet as a princess and transports me into a princess fairy tale.

It is available to purchase in the Scentsy Bar (wax)pod twin packs, and a room spray. I only bought the pod twin packs. Like I mention above, the pods are for the wall fan diffusers along with the Scentsy Go and Scentsy Go Solid. The Scentsy Bars are for the warmers and mini warmers.

Scentsy's Disney Princess Collection

Do not miss your chance to add these beautiful pieces to your home. Spirit of the Castle’s Independent Scentsy Consultant is Sarah Evans. MARCH 2022 UPDATE- If you are a Cinderella fan, check out Scenty’s Disney’s Cinderella collection.