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Crocs are my #1 go-to shoe whether it is for a day in the parks or doing errands around town. I have done spotlights on several Crocs before-Black Panther Crocs and Disney Holiday Crocs Featuring Mickey and Friends. The newest pair to join my collection are the Snow White Crocs Clogs.

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Details of the Snow White Crocs Clogs

A gorgeous and very detailed pair of Crocs that perfectly honor Disney’s first princess, Snow White. Crocs did not skimp out on the details of these Crocs. 


These Crocs are a light yellow Crocs Clog with a deep royal blue top. In between the yellow and the royal blue is a different shade of blue that is bright. 

The strap is red and glitter. The strap features a bow giving reference to Snow White’s bow she wears in her hair. When you have the strap in non-Croc mode, to me it looks like the clogs are wearing a headband. It is that Disney Detail! 

One of the white buttons (don’t know the official name of them) that attaches the strap to the Croc features an apple and the other says crocs. 

On the side of the clogs on the bright blue color are the red little designs featured on the sleeves of Snow White’s dress.

Inside the sole of each clog is a beautiful design of Snow White. One features Snow holding a little blue bird in her iconic dress while the other shows her holding an apple.   

The Crocs does come with Jibbitzs and they are removable. There are 8 Jibbitzs charms in a variety of sizes that come with these Crocs:

  • Snow White  with a Fawn
  • Snow White with a Bunny
  • Blue Bird holding a flower
  • Blue Bird 
  • Chipmunk
  • Squirrel
  • Mushrooms 
  • Flowers


These Crocs are available in both Adult(unisex) and Kids sizes. 

Available to Purchase

I have seen the Snow White Crocs Clogs at a Croc store and online. They are also avaiable on Amazon to purchase. 

For additional information and/or to purchase from Amazon, click here. For the kid ones, click here.

I just love these Crocs and hope that they come out with some other styles for the other Disney Princesses. I think these Crocs will be a perfect addition to the Snow White Disneybound I featured in my 10 Disney Princess Inspired Looks with Pieces Found on Amazon blog post.