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On my most recent trip to Disney Springs (June 2021), I was just browsing around the different shops inside the Marketplace Co-Op. Hoping to find that one item that “speaks” to me. I found it! It was this adorable round adjustable crossbody featuring Stitch. This stitch crossbody was located on the shelving unit right outside The Dress Shop on Cherry Lane. There are countless details in this crossbody that “spoke” to me and I could not pass the opportunity to purchase it.

Stitch Crossbody Details

One detail is how the crossbody looks similar to a vinyl record. The crossbody is a cute round black shape like a classic vinyl. It is made out of faux leather and has embroidered lines to represent the grooves you see on the vinyl record. The lines go around the front of the purse. In the middle is the label of the vinyl record in which it says, “JUST CHILLAX! Mix.” There are no details on the back.

Another detail that “spoke ” to me on this purse is the adorable sewn-on patch of Stitch. This patch features him wearing a red and white lei; while he is lying down enjoying and chillaxing to the tunes of the mix vinyl. The patch makes me want to chill out with him as we listen to some relaxing music of Elvis (Favorite of Lilo and Stitch if you are not familiar with the movie Lilo and Stitch)!

I also love the Hawaiian/Tropical features displayed on this purse. Behind the patch and embroidering lines are screen arts outlines of Hawaiian/tropical flowers and leaves in blue(flowers), purple(flowers), and yellow (leaves). The leaves are similar to the ones that Lilo has on her iconic red dress.

The details do not end on the outside!

Inside, you will see a bright blue liner featuring Stitch and the same flowers you see on the front of the purse. I love how tropical the lining is. The tropical vibes of this crossbody are perfect to complement any summer vacation outfit.

Inside Lining

The crossbody does come with an adjustable strap, which makes it great for getting the perfect length to wear across the body or wear over-the-shoulder. It’s like having two looks in one purse! The main compartment of this purse does have a zipper closure. Also, there is one interior zipper pocket. The crossbody is 11.5 inches in diameter with a depth roughly close to 3 inches. There is plenty of room to hold all of my belongings that I typically carry in my purse, for example, one of my Loungefly wristlets.

This purse retails at $44.99. It is available on shopDisney. It came available online starting 6/26/21, which is known as Experiment 626 Day/Stitch Day. Coincidence? I think not! Perfect day to release this crossbody online featuring Experiment 626, aka Stitch! This crossbody is not a specific brand. It is part of the regular Disney merchandise line.

I have big plans for this crossbody, like using it as my go-to summer purse for get-togethers with friends/family and completing errands/shopping trips around town. It will also be perfect for my trip to Aulani with the hubby sometime next year. Of course, I did use this crossbody on 6/26- Stitch Day!!