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Summertime in Florida mostly means hot and humid! One way to help you stay cool during Florida’s summer months is to enjoy some cool and refreshing frozen treats. Disney’s new Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait does the trick! 

Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait

The Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait is a limited-time offer frozen treat available at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs. This parfait contains a heaping swirl of Dole Whip in a watermelon flavor(you can also get in with a swirl of Lime Dole Whip or a swirl of both Lime and Watermelon) that is over a key lime custard. It comes in a small clear dish/cup. Chocolate chips on the Dole Whip are to resemble the seeds in an actual watermelon. Then, it is served with a small Mickey-shaped watermelon on a stick.

The cost is $5.29 plus tax. 

The Key Lime Custard at the bottom was not too tart and pairs well with the Watermelon Dole Whip.  

I am going to admit that I was honestly a little nervous about trying this frozen treat. Most watermelon flavor treats, especially frozen ones, tend to be overly sweet and taste artificial. Not the case with this Dole Whip; it was slightly sweet and had a refreshing natural watermelon flavor. I love it!! I would drive hours right now to get my hands on one. (Please Note-I did not try it with the Lime Dole Whip)

 There is also a special TikTok Watermelon treat that you can also purchase at Marketplace Snacks. The “TikTok” Special is the Watermelon Dole Whip that comes on a wedge of actual watermelon sprinkled with some chocolate chips. You have to ask for the TikTok Special because no signs are advertising this special treat. You can check it out on Disney Parks official’s TikTok.

If you are traveling to Disney or the Orlando area this summer, please check out these new treats at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs. They are only available till September 6th. Do not miss your chance to try the Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait and the Watermelon TikTok Special.

Dole Whip Watermelon Parfait