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Merchandise Spotlight: Disney Holiday Crocs Featuring Mickey and Friends

We have not celebrated Halloween yet, but I am ready for the Christmas/Holiday season. I will be rocking the Disney Holiday Crocs this Christmas featuring Mickey Mouse and many of his Disney friends. I have been waiting for Disney ...

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Merchandise Spotlight: Crocs Black Panther Clogs

One of my favorite Marvel superheroes is Black Panther. I was excited about the second film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which hit theaters in November 2022. It is coming to Disney+ on February 1st, 2023. When a movie ...

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The Mickey Mouse Balloon Popcorn Collection is Sure is Poppin!

This past September, while shopping around Disney World, I spotted a unique collection dedicated to one of Disney’s iconic snacks and classic popcorn buckets – the Mickey Mouse Balloon Popcorn Collection. The pieces in ...

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My Grogu Inspired Outfit -Perfect for Halloween and Disneybounding

One of my favorite activities to do for Halloween is dressing up. This year for Halloween, I am dressing up as Grogu, aka The Child/Baby Yoda from the Disney+ tv series, The Mandalorian. He is one of my favorite Disney Charact ...

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Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Merchandise Hits the Sales Floor at Disney

While my hubby and I were on our Disney trip this week, some of Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Merchandise was released. It was a pleasant surprise since I did not expect to see it until October 1st (the start of the 50th Annivers ...

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