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One of my favorite Marvel superheroes is Black Panther. I was excited about the second film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which hit theaters in November 2022. It is coming to Disney+ on February 1st, 2023. When a movie is released, new merchandise comes out to honor the film. One of my favorite and fantastic pieces of merch for this movie is the Crocs Black Panther Clogs.

Details of Crocs Black Panther All- Terrian Clogs 

The Crocs Black Panther crocs are Crocs All-Terrian Clogs. Crocs All Terrian Clogs have rugged outsoles with enhanced tread for increased traction and support. They are lightweight with Lightweight Croslite™ construction.

Crocs Black Panther Clogs
Bottom of the Clogs

The main color of these crocs is black with a subtle pattern. The pattern is a like a weave pattern to mimic Black Panther’s suit, which uses vibranium in a micro weave mesh.

Crocs Black Panther Clogs

The strap on these crocs is adjustable and comes in a black-and-white tribal pattern. The center strap has the wording “Black Panther.” If you look closely at the strap connector, it has the Black Panther Logo. Typically the Crocs logo is on there. 


Crocs Black Panther Clogs

The oversized jibbitz charms pay tribute to Black Panther by representing the vibranium necklace. The jibbitz are removable, which gives you customizability to the clogs. To me, the jibbitz feel like they are made out of some type of really sturdy plastic. They are lightweight and do not add any weight to the Crocs.

Crocs Black Panther Clogs

The details continue on the sides of both clogs with the wording “Wakanda Forever” done in Wakandan (the alphabet of Wakanda). In addition, inside the sole is the Black Panther logo with the wording- “Wakanda Forever” surrounding it. This can be found on both clogs. 

 So many details packed into one pair of Crocs! It is a masterpiece and definitely pays tribute to this astounding film!

What Sizes are Available in the Black Panther All Terrain Crocs?

The Crocs shown in the pictures are the adult unisex version. A version of these Crocs for children is available.  

Both versions are available on Amazon. Click here to purchase the ones for adults, and click here to purchase the youth ones.

Other Crocs Black Panther Products

Crocs Black Panther All Terrain Sandals

Image Credit/Source- Amazon Product Advertising API Scratchpad

If sandals are more your thing, there is a Black Panther All Terrain Sandals. They have some similarities to the clog, yet some differences. Like the clogs, there is one for adults and one for children. The image shown is the adult version.

For more information and or to purchase, click here for the adult. Click here for the youth version. 

These Black Panther All Terrian Clogs are my new favorite piece of footwear. They are so well-designed. I could not believe on much detail went into these. The best thing is that they are super comfortable, which is a must for me. I love that I can slip them on and go on my way to spread the “Spirit of the Castle.

Crocs Black Panther Clogs

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