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Back in June 2021, I received a text from my amazing sister-in-law. She had just seen that Scentsy (not an affiliate link) was releasing a Beauty and the Beast Collection. When I first saw the images of the collection, I fell in love with it. It combines my fondness for Beauty and the Beast (my favorite film) and Scentsy. No lie, I have a Scentsy warmer in every room in my house. I prefer them over candles.

Beauty and the Beast Scentsy Collection

Pieces in the Beauty and the Beast Scentsy Collection

Pieces in this collection look identical to the characters in the animated film. It’s like Scentsy plucked them straight out of the film to have them in your home. This collection is by far one of my favorites from Scentsy.

Mrs. Potts Warmer- $75

This warmer features Mrs. Potts in her glowing and warm presence. A surprising feature is when you remove her lid, you will see an image of the Beast. This is where you will put the wax. The lid topper has slots for the scent to diffuse from, so it does not block the smell from the melting wax.

Chip Mini Wall Warmer – $25

This Mini Wall Warmer features Chip, the adorable little cheerful cup, and the son of Mrs. Potts. The warmer even has Chip’s primary feature, his “chip.” Just like the Mrs. Potts Warmer, the Chip Warmer has a hidden image in the place where you will put the wax. This image is of Belle. The Chip Mini Warmer does not have a lid/topper. I have this warmer in outlet located in the kitchen up and away from my fur babies. This prevents them from getting into the wax since my other outlets are close to the ground.

Both warmers are made out of glass-ceramic, and each came with its own light bulb to warm the wax.

Last Petal Scent Bar- $6.50

The Last Petal Scent Bar has a mixture of grapefruit, bergamot, and some floral notes. I was expecting to be more rose scent since the rose is the focal point of the film.

Beauty and the Beast Scentsy Collection
The Last Petal Scent Bar

The collection was available for sale online on June 14th, 2021. Currently, it is sold out. UPDATE-The Mrs. Potts Warmer, Chip Mini Wall Warmer, and the Last Petal Scent Bar along with new Beauty and the Beast pieces are set to come out May 8th, 2023.

You can check with your local independent Scentsy consultant. My go-to Scentsy Consultant is Sarah Evans.