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If you could not tell by the name of my blog, I love Disney castles! On May 1st, 2022, at the World of Disney, I saw something that I thought I would never see again. That was the Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar. I took this as a sign that I had to get it since I did have the chance to purchase it before.

Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar

It sold out online before I had the chance to buy it. I did see it when I went in April 2021, but I ran out of spending money. Also, my husband did not go with me to Disney during that time, and I always have him look over delicate merch to check to see if it does not have any cracks or imperfections. He has an excellent eye for detail. 

Details of the Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar

This charming ceramic cookie jar is a miniature version of Cinderella Castle (after they painted it pink in 2020 but before they decorated it for the 50th), the park icon of Magic Kingdom

They did not skimp out on the details. They have the detailing of the brinks of the castle walls, turrets, towers, doors/windows, along with the tiny clock featured above the front main gate. 

Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar

The lid is the top part of the castle, while the “jar” base is the bottom part.  

I am really impressed with how much detail is in this cookie jar. 

Colors Featured on the Cookie Jar

The main/top part of the castle is a faint beige-pink color, and the main color of the bottom part is a grey-cream color. There are accent colors of light blue, gold, caramel brown, and off-white.  


This cookie jar is roughly 10 inches in height from the tallest point, 8 inches wide, and has a depth of about 5 inches.  I did rough estimates.

Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar

Inside the base, the opening is about 2 inches deep. It is not really a deep jar, but it will still hold some of my knick snacks. 


The retail price is $59.99, a price increase from when I saw it in April 2021. Back in April 2021, it was $55. I am kicking myself for not getting it then, but I have it now! I also saved 10% due by using my Disney Visa Credit Cardholder Discount.

Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar

Other Park Icon Cookie Jars 

For Epcot fans, there is a cookie jar of that park’s main icon- Spaceship Earth. It was available when I bought the castle cookie jar. 

Spaceship Earth Cookie Jar

When the Cinderella castle cookie jar was on shopDisney, they also had a version for Sleeping Beauty Castle (Disneyland’s Castle). I have not seen any of the castle cookies jars on shopDisney since early last year. 

No words can describe how excited I am to have this Cinderella Castle Cookie Jar in my collection. I thought it slipped thru my fingers when I did not get it in April 2021 or on shopDisney. 

This cookie jar is a piece of artwork, I am mesmerized every time I look at it.