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I may not always get to save money when shopping, but if there is an opportunity for me to save money on Disney merchandise, I try to use it. I enjoy shopping, especially for Disney merchandise, both Disney Parks merch and regular Disney license merch. So any money I can save while shopping means more money I can spend on Disney!

(The ways listed are based on my personal experience and may not work for everyone.)

Disney Visa Cardholder Discount

As a Disney Visa Cardholder, I receive a discount when shopping at Disney and shopDisney. When I use my Disney Visa Credit Card, I get 10% off a $50 or more purchase at select locations at Disney and 10% off certain purchases on shopDisney. Some exclusions apply. Click here for more details

As a Disney Visa Cardholder, I am part of Disney Rewards. Throughout the year, Disney Rewards sends coupons, in which I can get a higher discount. They have some exclusions, which I make sure I read before using. 

Some of the Ways I Save Money on Disney Merchandise
Some of the coupons I received in the past couple of months.

Shopping at Disney Character Warehouses

Disney Character Warehouse is a store full of discounts on Disney Parks/Disney Vacation merchandise. I like to think of it as Disney’s clearance section. You can read my blog post about the Disney Character Warehouse.

Shopping during the Sales on shopDisney

I love a good sale. When shopDisney is having a sale, I take the opportunity to score on the savings. Sometimes I can get some great deals when shopping their sales. They have them throughout the year. 

In one of their most recent sales (12 Days of Magical Savings), I got the Disney Holiday Cookie Ears for $17.99 instead of $29.99.

Some of the Ways I Save Money on Disney Merchandise

My favorite sale they have is their Twice Upon A Year Sale. It usually occurs mid-way through the year and at the end of the year.

Using Ibotta

Ibotta is an app in which you can earn cashback shopping for certain products and stores. One of the stores that Ibotta offers cashback is shopDisney. The cashback opportunity varies. I have seen it as low at 1.5% and as high as 8%. 

You have to shop through their link in their app to get the cashback credited to your Ibotta account. Once you have reached a certain amount, you can “cash” in for gift cards (they have a decent selection to choose from), or you can choose to transfer to a bank account or PayPal. They are some exclusions. Click here to read the exclusions.

They do have a website you can use instead of an app.

Shopping at Retail Stores

A majority of retail stores –Target, Kohl’s, JCPenney, TJ Maxx, and Hot Topic, just to name a few, sell Disney products. Most retail stores sell them at affordable prices compared to the merchandise sold at Disney. 

Back in the summer, I purchased the Princess tee in the pictures below from my local Target for $12.99 and the Mickey Mouse shirt at my local Big Lots for $8. Most shirts you find at Disney and shopDisney tend to start somewhere in the $20 range for adults.

At a Target near Disney, I found these Stitch leggings (one of my favorite characters) for $16.99. The adult leggings available at the Disney Parks start at $39.99.

I also found great prices on some Star Wars Holiday apparel and Disney Hallmark ornaments at my local Target.

When shopping, I always look at clearance sections (when they have them) for savings. I tend to find a few Disney pieces in the clearance section. Below are some of the t-shirts I found at my local JC Penney in the clearance section. The clearance price of the shirts was between $7- $8 apiece, while the retail price for the shirts was in the $20 range.

I also save money on Disney merchandise at retail stores if it is part of a sale that the store is having. On my most recent trips to Kohls, I came across a sale. I scored this Santa mickey t-shirt for $6.99 instead of $14. 

It is not just big retail stores where I find affordable prices on Disney merchandise. I can find some at small retail businesses. One of my favorite small businesses to shop for Disney merchandise and other fandom pieces is Pink a la Mode. They have a great selection and price points for any budget. They have sales once in a while. 

Shopping on Mercari and Poshmark

Mercari and Poshmark are resale marketplace apps/sites in which sellers sell products. They are a wide variety of brands/ products available. One of my favorite things to shop for on these platforms is Disney merchandise. 

I got some significant savings on Disney merchandise shopping on these two apps, especially on Disney LuLaRoe pieces.

Not everything on there is used. A good bit of the Disney merchandise I purchased from these platforms was brand new with tags!

One thing with these sites/apps is that it may take some time and a lot of searching to find deals. It is not a guarantee that you will find savings. There are some sellers who sell Disney merchandise at higher than the retail price. I have seen some sellers sell for double or triple the retail price. 

My hubby mentions I can save money on Disney merchandise by not buying anything, but that is not the purpose of shopping!