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At the end of May, I was selected to be a brand rep (Summer 2022) for Fairytale Wish Design’s. In this blog post, I want to spotlight one of the first pieces I purchased- the beautiful Moana Inspired Floral Crown!

Information about Fairytale Wish Design’s

Fairytale Wish Design’s is a small business on Etsy that sells various Disney-inspired merchandise from tees, ears, headbands, tumblers, and home decor.

On the shop’s social media (Instagram and Tiktok), you can get a behind the magic look with Liz (the shop owner) making and giving some sneak peeks of what is coming to the shop. 

I love watching the behind the magic clips. You can see that each piece is made with love and care!

Some of my favorite items are the bleached tees, fantasy bands (headband), and floral ears. There are so many phenomenal items available to purchase! I have a growing list of what I personally want to buy. Click here to check out the shop.

Details of the Moana Inspired Floral Crown

This is my first ever floral piece/accessory in my collection. It will not be my last. In fact, I ordered a Gaston Inspired Glow Floral Ears from the shop.

This floral crown is a headband piece with sequin material around the headband with a liner ribbon inside.


The floral crown is vibrant with the faux flowers and leaves used. Color of the flowers included white, red, gold, and peach/pink. These colors pop against the green leaves. All together makes a very tropical/island feeling piece.
There are flowers not only on the front side but also on the back with leaves in the middle.


Characters Featured on the Moana Inspired Floral Crown

One of my favorite aspects about this floral crown is the Moana characters that are on there. The characters include:

  • Moana
  • Maui
  • Te Fiti 
  • Pua 
  • Hei Hei
  • Grandma Tala’s Manta Ray/Stringray  

The characters are on a glittery felt-like material, and they shine on the crown! 

It matches perfectly with the Moana Aulani Loungefly I purchased during my trip.

Do not miss your chance on this stunning piece. Click here if interested in purchasing the crown.

There is a Motunui Inspired Striped Bleached Tee to go with the crown. I am in wearing the picture below. It is another magical piece! The design on the tee is a sublimation print ( where the ink is absorbed into the fabric). I love the strip detailing done to the shirt! It is something I had never seen done before! Click here for more details and/or to purchase the tee.

Moana Inspired Floral Crown with

The work that Fairytale Wish Design’s put into this crown is incredible! This crown is one of my best handmade headpieces/ears. It is an actual work of art and a showstopper!

 I received so many compliments from other guests, cast members, and Moana when I wore it around the Aulani. It is a unique and lovely piece! I loved wearing it around the Aulani (Spreading that Spirit of the Castle). 

This crown and the Motunui bleached tee will be the perfect look to wear at Epcot when the new Moana Inspired Attraction opens. 

If you are looking for the perfect Moana Inspired Headpiece or any other Disney-inspired pieces, I recommend checking out Fairytale Wish Design’s. This shop “knows the way” of making Disney Inspired pieces!