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As an avid Disney shopper, I came across a lot of different brands. One brand that has stood out to me and has become one of my favorites is Cakeworthy. I have several Cakeworhty Disney Apparel pieces in my Disney closet.

What is Cakeworthy?

Cakeworthy is a Canadian Based Company that has makes casual apparel and accessories in different pop cultures themes. They have men’s and women’s styles. Obviously, they sell Disney License pieces but offer other collections like Harry Potter, Friends, The Simpsons, and Golden Girls, to name a few. Their newest collections include Who Framed Roger Rabbit and their Trick’R Treat collection. Cakeworhty’s apparel items are colorful, vivid, and bold. They provide perfect pieces to show your fandom.

Where Can You Purchase Cakeworthy Disney Apparel?

You can purchase Cakeworthy pieces directly from them on their website. Please note since they are based in Canada, you may be charged an international transaction fee on your credit card.
They sell pieces at BoxLunch and shopDisney. I have also seen them at small businesses like Pink La Mode. Pink La Mode is the place where I purchased my Beast Loungefly.

My Recent Purchases from Cakeworthy.

What are their prices and styles?

Their prices for apparel pieces range between $29.95- $79.95. They have shirts, flannels, dresses, outwear, sweaters/hoodies, sleepwear, and overalls. Accessories (pins, bags/wallets, headwear, etc) typically start at $8.95 and go up from there.

Cakeworthy’s main product pieces are their AOP (All Over Print) shirts and Fannels. AOP Shirt is a unisex short sleeve shirt with an all-over print of a specific character(s). They retail at $29.95.
Their flannels are unisex fit. Their fannels are not too thick or thin, which is perfect living in the South like I do. They typically have a front pocket featuring a character or symbol and on the back of the flannel is a saying associated with the character or theme. They retail at $49.95.

Most of my pieces I got from them directly, usually on one of their sales. I recommend signing up for their email list. They do a great job of communicating with you in an email on new collections and sales/discounts/coupons.

They do have a rewards program on their website, in which you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Then you can redeem for discounts once you have enough to do so.

My Cakeworthy Disney Apparel Pieces

All of my Cakeworthy pieces either features Genie or Beauty and The Beast. They are my favorite Disney Characters/movies.

The Red AOP Genie I bought from Cakeworthy and is my first ever piece from Cakeworthy. Beauty and the Beast AOP I brought from BoxLunch. I ordered it with my Mickey’s Pumpkin Spice Shirt.

Genie Sweater I brought during one of Cakeworthy’s sales. I love how it actually looks like a Varsity Sweater with “patches” on it. Amazing quality sweater!

Genie Cambray shirt I bought on Mercari from a seller. It was brand new with tags. I love the little detail of Genie’s lamp on the cuff of the sleeve.

Beast Fannel is one of my newest addition. I love the extra little details that they put on the flannel and the bright colors.

Beauty and the Beast Button Up Dress featuresLumiere and Babette. Based on their description, which I always read to see how it fits and the reviews. It was recommended to size up 1 to 2. I am glad I followed the advice. The dress would have been too small if I had gone with my regular size.

If you are looking for some new Disney or specific fandom apparel items, I highly recommend checking Cakeworthy out. Their pieces are perfect for you to help you add the “Spirit of the Castle” to your life.