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One of my family’s favorite activities from our Walt Disney World vacation in December 2022 was renting a Surrey bicycle at Walt Disney World during our visit to Disney’s Boardwalk. This was a first for me, and it won’t be the last.

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World

Details of Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World

The information for this activity spotlight is based on my family’s experience renting a Surrey Bicycle at Disney’s Boardwalk in December 2022.


Surrey Bicycle Rentals are located(according to WDW’s webpage) at the following Walt Disney World Resorts 

Types of Surrey Bicycle

Two types of Surrey bicycles are available to rent – a 2-person (single bench) and a 4-person (double bench) person. My family and I rented the 4-person one. My husband was not with us. He was relaxing back at our resort which worked out since we could all fit on the 4 person one. 


The price was $25 for 30 minutes. This does not include tax. 

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World
December 2022

Surrey Bicycle Rules/Requirements

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World
December 2022
  • All riders must have closed-toe shoes. They must be worn at all times.
  • Drivers Must be 18 to operate bikes & 21 after 8:00 PM.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed while operating the bicycles.
  • All riders must be tall enough to meet height requirements to pedal bicycles (My mom was just barely tall enough with her being 5 ft.)
  • Loose-fitting clothing like dresses, baggy pants, etc, are not recommended and may get caught in the chain and bike sprocket causing damage to clothing. All riders accept responsibility for their clothes
  • Surrey Bikes are to operate only around Crescent Lake and should not be left unattended during the rental.
  • Descending down the bridges should be done with extreme caution, and brakes applied at all times. 
  • Riding Surrey Bikes is a Physical Activity and requires all riders to be in good health to participate. 
  • While riding, yield to all pedestrians walking.
  • Children must always wear safety belts and keep on the center bar if they cannot reach the pedals. 


Before you can operate the bicycle, all riders will need to sign a waiver. Below is the waiver that my family and I signed.

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World


The bicycles had a map to indicate the route/course to ride. Below is the image of the map for the Boardwalk. The route/course is approx ⅞ of a mile, according to the map on the bike. 

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World

The hardest part of the course is growing uphill on the bridges. The one between the Yacht Club and Dolphin Hotel was the hardest for us. It took all of our might, but we pulled through.  


Hours of operation are Wednesday thru Sunday- 3 PM to 10 PM (weather permitting.)

Renting a Surrey Bicycle at Walt Disney World

My family and I rented our bicycle during the evening/night after having dinner at Trattoria al Forno. A good little workout to burn off our dinner. It was nice to ride around the Boardwalk during the night. The buildings being lit up were beautiful to see on our ride and soothing!

This activity is something I would do again. My family and I had a great experience. The staff was wonderful and helpful. They helped take pictures of us on the bicycle. I am hoping to ride at the other locations.