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Voodoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk has become a part of my family’s ritual when traveling down to Orlando. We always grab some on our first day and pick up some as we head back home.

Voodoo Doughnut Store Front

First Time Trying Voodoo Doughnut

In 2018, as we were planning our trip to Universal Studios, we researched different food options available at City Walk. We came across Voodoo Doughnut, which had just opened at Universal City Walk. We definitely made plans to try them. OMG- let me tell you! After our first time, we became hooked.

First Box of doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut
First Box of doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut- The yeast doughnuts in this box include Voodoo Doll, the Dirt, Oh Captain, My Captain. The Mile High (M&M’s) is a cake doughnut.

What Makes Voodoo Doughnut Different?

Most of their doughnuts are about 2x the size of a regular doughnut. Literally, sometimes I could only eat half of their doughnut in a setting. While with other doughnuts places, I can eat 2.

They have out-of-the-box flavors with fun names like Grape Ape. They even have their own specialty doughnut called the Voodoo Doll. ( I will go into more detail about this doughnut later in the post).
They offer raised yeast, cake, fritters, and they also have vegan options. Our personal favorites are their raised yeast doughnuts.

Menu Voodoo Doughnut

The decor in this place is whimsical with a sense of elegance.

Depending on the amount you order, doughnuts are served in these Pink boxes.

What makes their Raised Yeast Doughnuts our favorites?

Their raised yeast doughnuts are fluffy and airy goodness! They do not have an oily taste like some yeast doughnuts have.
Yeast doughnuts are available in rings and filled versions(bars and shells). Their menu is available here. We also like that they do not put a lot of toppings/icing on the doughnuts so you can taste the actual doughnut.

Our Favorite Raised Yeast Doughnuts

My hubby’s favorite one is the Dirt. It is a ring yeast doughnut topped with vanilla icing and crushed up Oreo cookies.

Dirt Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut

My favorite is the Oh Captian, My Captain. Like the Dirt, it is a ring yeast doughnut with vanilla icing but topped with Captain Crunch Berry Cereal.

Oh Captain, My Captain Doughnut from  Voodoo Doughnut

Every time we go, we always get these two in our assortment.

Voodoo’s Specialty Doughnuts

Their primary specialty doughnut is their Voodoo Doll. It is a yeast-filled doughnut that is s like a doll topped with chocolate icing with a pretzel stake. The filling inside is a raspberry jelly. This is one of the doughnuts I can only eat half since it is better big but super tasty.

A specialty doughnut that is only available at Universal City Walk location is the Universal Orangescile. This bar doughnut comes with a popsicle stick to help make it feel like an actual Dreamscile Bar. The frosting is like an orange citrus flavor that has chocolate candy pearls. The filling in this doughnut is a Bavarian Cream.

Other specialty doughnuts include seasonal flavors. I will be creating a blog post about all the different specialty doughnuts that I have tried. Be on the lookout for that post!


The price of doughnuts ranges from $1.50 to $9.95 each, with the most expensive one being the Texas (giant glazed ring yeast doughnut). They do offer some dozen specials which start at $13.00 for a half dozen to $29.95. The dozen specials are preselected, so you cannot pick and choose what flavors you would like.

If you are a doughnut lover and have not tried Voodoo Doughnut, please check them out on your next vacation to Orlando.